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Section Beam


Summary description:

Extreme size H1000*300 and H192×198 fill the empty in domestic market. With more optimized sectional area distribution and more reasonable strength to weight ratio, the beam products become high productive and efficient, and also characterized by strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost-saving and light structure weight, etc. Rizhao Steel can control the size tolerance to meet customer’s request for tunnel I-beam and this makes product delivery and application more beneficial to customers and markets.



Main application fields of H-beam: various civil and industrial building structures, large-span industrial workshops especially those located in areas with frequent earthquake activity or under high temperature working conditions, modern high-rise building, large bridges calling for large bearing capacity, good section stability and large span, heavy equipment, highway, vessel skeleton, mining supporting, foundation treatment, dam construction and various machine components.

Main application fields of I-beam: supporting construction in vehicle, bridge and tunnel; building structure, oil drilling platform, motorway, railway and building support.

Main application fields of channel beam: building structure, vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and cabinet fastening, etc. And also, channel beam is often used in conjunction with I-beam.


H-beams: GB/T、JIS standard including Q235、Q355、Q390、Q420B、SM490、SS400 series, KS standard including SS275B、SM355A(B) series ,EN standard including S275JR、S275J0、S355JR、S355J0 series, ASTM standard including A36、A572、A992 series, Australian standard including G300、G350 series and steel pile S450J0 series, etc.

I-beam: Q235, Q355 series, size I18-I63.

Channel beam: Q235, Q355 series, size C20-C32、UPN200、UPN300.