ESP CRC for shallow stamping

Shallow drawing cold formed steel is the third generation product of ESP production line. Compared with the previous two generations, the third one has low strength and good performance, which is more suitable for shallow drawing applications. Meanwhile it has obvious competitive advantages compared with traditional cold rolling, which can avoid export barriers. Shallow drawing cold formed steel is mainly used in fire extinguisher, door facade, precision pipe making, vehicle accessories, hardware and household appliances and other industries and uses.

ESP CRC for automobiles

The advantages of cold forming grade PD01 for automobiles are fully adapted to the development trend of lightweight automobile manufacturing in terms of better processability and dimensional accuracy. It is suitable for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, light trucks, agricultural vehicles and other related internal stamping parts, internal structural parts, structural steel pipes, carriages and other products and roll forming and painting can meet customers’requirements.

ESP CRC for elevator industry

Elevator special steel is a special ESP CRC grade which is developed by the product application section according to the requirement of the elevator industry. Grade REDT can be applied to landing doors, heads, stiffeners, columns, guide rails and other components of elevator; bending, roll forming, welding performance can all meet customers’ requirements. Shop online

ESP CRC for door industry

Special steel for door industry is a special ESP CRC grade which is developed by the product application section according to the special requirement of door industry. Grade REMY-1 can be applied to frame molding of standard door and non-standard door. With perfect size tolerance, high surface finish, stable mechanical properties and processing performance, it makes the using effects almost the same as cold rolled sheets. Bending, roll forming, knurling, bending after slotting, punching and welding test can all meet customers’ requirements

ESP Cold Rolled Products

ESP CRC products take ESP hot rolled coils as raw materials, produced via pickling and high reduction rolling at room temperature. With ultra-thin thickness (the thinnest to 0.6mm), excellent processing performance, perfect size tolerance and high yield rate, ESP CRC products can replace traditional CRC products in some certain applications, which are widely used in market and can meet the requirement of customization. Among the grades, RECC, RECD and RECS are widely used in electrical cabinets, welded pipes, mechanical enclosures, home appliances, furniture, hardware, bicycles, racks, punching hole meshes and other industries.

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