Factory Price 2mm 3mm Q235B Carbon Steel Coils 1500mm 1200mm in Stock


Has stable yield strength and excellent plasticity,deformed bars possess superior plasticity and toughness. The anti-seismic deformed bar has high strength, which can reduce the cost of construction in application, so it is economical. Good toughness makes it has high bending resistance, aging performance and high fatigue performance; good welding performance makes it suitable for various welding methods, simple and convenient in process.


Products are mainly used in welding wire, hard wire, cold heading steel and construction. The welding wire series products will not break when drawing; the chemistry composition is qualified; the oxide scale is easily removed; the tensile strength could be controlled within the optimal range; low content of C and Si ensures good weldability, and high content of Mn guarantees the deposition strength. The cold heading series steel has less impurity such as S and P, good plasticity and cold upsetting property, and high cold forming property.

Hot Dip Galvanized Products

Our hot dip galvanized steel sheet and strip are different from traditional cold-based galvanized products. The thickness of ESP production line is 0.6mm~4.0mm, and zero spangle steel sheet and strip with zinc layer weight 60 g/m2~650g/m2 can replace part of cold-based galvanized products, which truly realizes "replace cold-based with hot-based." Hot-based galvanized steel sheets and strips not only can meet the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and stamping formability requirements of conventional cold-based galvanized products, but also have the characteristics of strong zinc layer bonding, good weldability, and high strength. At present, this product has been widely used in building materials, home appliances, vehicles and ships, animal husbandry, packaging, electromechanical and other industries. As short-processed, continuous, green, efficient and economical hot-based galvanized product, it will lead the forefront of the world in terms of environmental friendly, resource saving.

Section Beam

Extreme size H1000*300 and H192×198 fill the empty in domestic market. With more optimized sectional area distribution and more reasonable strength to weight ratio, the beam products become high productive and efficient, and also characterized by strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost-saving and light structure weight, etc. Rizhao Steel can control the size tolerance to meet customer’s request for tunnel I-beam and this makes product delivery and application more beneficial to customers and markets.