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Hot Dip Galvanized Products

Summary description:

Our hot dip galvanized steel sheet and strip are different from traditional cold-based galvanized products. The thickness of ESP production line is 0.6mm~4.0mm, and zero spangle steel sheet and strip with zinc layer weight 60 g/m2~650g/m2 can replace part of cold-based galvanized products, which truly realizes "replace cold-based with hot-based." Hot-based galvanized steel sheets and strips not only can meet the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and stamping formability requirements of conventional cold-based galvanized products, but also have the characteristics of strong zinc layer bonding, good weldability, and high strength. At present, this product has been widely used in building materials, home appliances, vehicles and ships, animal husbandry, packaging, electromechanical and other industries. As short-processed, continuous, green, efficient and economical hot-based galvanized product, it will lead the forefront of the world in terms of environmental friendly, resource saving.