Trio of Excellent Power Generation


Composed of piano, violin, and cello

The instrumental trio created many romances

Classic music that blends with classical music

Countless people are intoxicated and filled with excitement


In the power generation operation area of energy power plants

Chief Technician Zhao Jibing

Take excellent skills as the pen

Transforming responsibility into melody

Write the steam turbine assembly spectrum

The "Song of Power Generation" for Innovation and Improvement

Playing "Little Pump" for 200000 yuan

How can the two water ring vacuum pumps of the 1 # steam turbine unit run simultaneously? "Zhao Jibing, who was meticulous in inspection, walked into the factory building and checked the equipment operation on site. Originally, due to early design reasons, the 1 # steam turbine unit and the accident condenser shared a vacuum extraction system, which directly led to the two water ring vacuum pumps being forced to operate simultaneously when the 1 # steam turbine unit and the accident condenser were operating simultaneously.

In this operating mode, it will cause the steam turbine unit to have no backup pumps available. Once the running water pump malfunctions, it will cause shutdown and steam release, seriously affecting environmental indicators and power generation. "Zhao Jibing patiently explained to his colleagues in the position. We must solve it immediately! "When he returned to the office, he immediately began to develop a solution and cleverly implemented the idea of adding a water ring vacuum pump to the existing operating system. The plan was unanimously approved after discussion at the working area meeting. Master Zhao is the 'pioneer', and we operate on-site with full confidence! "Said Liu Tong, the leader of the saturation power generation team. After improvement, the 1 # steam turbine unit successfully lifted the dangerous operating state caused by shutdown due to the lack of backup pumps, and the normal operation of the unit can create a power generation benefit of 200000 yuan in one day.

Erduo "Fuel Tank" Safety Heart

Why hasn't the accident fuel tank been properly installed yet? "Zhao Jibing, who is serious and responsible for his work, constantly communicated with relevant personnel on site. The installation of the accident oil tank was not in place, and once the oil system of the turbine set caught fire, there was no place to discharge the oil. The fire spread, and the consequences were unimaginable. "Upon hearing Zhao Jibing's anxious words, the on-site installation personnel realized the seriousness of the problem and decisively accelerated the pace of work, quickly investing in the installation of the accident oil tank. After the accident oil tank is installed in place, the saturated 1 # steam turbine generator oil system meets and meets the requirements for safe operation. Seeing that the safety hazards of "baby bumps" were completely eliminated, he confidently rode a tricycle and rushed to the next power generation post.

Three notes on "valves" to increase production

After careful on-site investigation, the fault may have been locked at the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder piston. The valve must have closed due to the deterioration and leakage of the sealing ring under long-term high-temperature operating conditions. Upon hearing Zhao Jibing's affirmative judgment, colleagues immediately used the maintenance gap to isolate the steam turbine makeup pipeline and disassembled the quick cut valve. After careful disassembly and inspection, his judgment was confirmed. Don't just replace the sealing ring, but also focus on strengthening the insulation and isolation measures of the high-temperature pipeline near the hydraulic device of the lower quick cut valve to avoid the recurrence of high-temperature degradation. "Zhao Jibing, who is striving for excellence in his work, instructed on site.

After the implementation of improvement measures

Flexible valve opening and closing

Boiler steam replenishment restored to normal

The steam turbine generator set has been restored

The surging power source of the past

Power generation is steadily increasing