A "hot blooded rescue" with 30 people gathering and only one target spanning over 600 kilometers


Love relay warms people's hearts

Fulfilling the mission and showing responsibility

Ready to depart, the destination is 330 kilometers away from you, which will take approximately 3 hours and 35 minutes

Early morning on November 14th

30 employees of the plate factory take a bus

Embarked on the journey to the People's Hospital of Zhangqiu District, Jinan City

Winter mornings are particularly cold

But the ongoing love relay on this car

Hot and steaming

March 2022

After one year and nine months of anti-cancer treatment, two surgeries, and 15 courses of chemotherapy, Zhang, an employee in the hot rolling operation area of the medium and thick plate factory, still failed to prevent the spread of cancer cells and was diagnosed with advanced rectal cancer.

Now he has severe anemia, occasional severe bleeding, and can only rely on continuous blood transfusions to maintain his life. The current medical policy is to donate blood first before using it. Since the first blood transfusion, Zhang's family has mobilized all relatives and friends, and it is difficult to find a new source of blood donation.

November 12th

Zhang's family, who had no way out, contacted the medium and thick plate factory, and the factory union immediately drafted a blood donation proposal after learning about the situation, Illness and pain are constantly tormenting our dear colleagues. We hope that all dear employees can actively respond to the call of the initiative, join the ranks of loving blood donation when their physical health and conditions permit, and save Zhang's dying life. Your sincere blood is the warmest sunshine that this family can feel on this cold winter day

The first time the proposal is issued

Blood donation registration forms flooded in one after another

Several colleagues heard the news

Take action immediately

Drive by yourself

Blood Donation Point of Zhangqiu District People's Hospital


The factory union organized 30 employees to go together

Jinan Zhangqiu District People's Hospital

Filling in information, testing, blood sampling

After more than three hours

A blood donation certificate

Successively registered under the name of patient Zhang

Zhang's family members have tears in their eyes

Say thank you to everyone over and over again

November 15th

Zhang's family sent a thank-you letter to the medium and heavy plate factory, which read: "Colleagues donated 8500ml of blood on the 13th and 14th. Today, I received blood from the Jinan blood station and it has now been infused into Zhang's body. The help of colleagues has once again made our ordinary family feel the warmth and care of the big family of Rizhao Iron and Steel, who have worked together in times of adversity. We also strive to overcome the disease and return to a normal life as soon as possible

A trickle of blood gathers the power of life

Loving hearts ignite the light of hope

In this winter

The workers of the medium and thick plate factory have been involved in this battle, which spans over 600 kilometers

Love "rescue" will turn into a ray of warm sunshine

Light up hope and light