Learn in depth, seek in new areas, and work in practical situations! Zhang Runsheng Lectures Special Party Class


According to the work arrangement of the company's party committee on learning and implementing the theme education of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, on November 7th, Zhang Runsheng, the secretary and general manager of the company's party committee, gave a special party class with the theme of "Learning in the Deep, Seeking in the New, and Doing in the Practical", sharing personal learning, thinking, and insights, and taking into account the current situation, deepening and implementing the theme education We provided guidance and lectures to better respond to market changes and comprehensively strengthen party building.

The company's party and government leaders Sun Weihua, Yang Jinguang, Liu Hongbo, Qin Libin, Liu Yiwei, Xie Yingxiu, and Zhang Yongqing attended.

Zhang Runsheng pointed out that

One is to comprehend the great power of thought, grasp the essence and essence, and truly establish the ideological foundation of loyalty to the Party. All party members and cadres should take this thematic education as an important opportunity to further deepen their understanding and grasp of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, deepen their understanding of the decisive significance of the "two establishment", enhance the "four consciousness", firmly adhere to the "four self-confidence", and achieve the "two maintenance". Deeply understand the significant significance of learning the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and learn political firmness. With the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we will solidify our hearts and cast our souls, continuously build the foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of spirit, and stabilize the rudder of our thinking. We will always maintain a unified mindset, firm will, coordinated actions, and strong combat effectiveness, gathering a strong collective force to strengthen, optimize, and expand the main steel industry, and promote high-quality development of enterprises. Accurately grasp the essence and essence of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and learn strong skills. All party members and cadres should firmly grasp the worldview and methodology of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, adhere to and apply the positions, viewpoints, and methods that run through it, continuously improve their political, thinking, and practical abilities, and achieve clearer theoretical knowledge, firmer beliefs, and stronger abilities as they learn. Fully implement the latest requirements of the second batch of theme education with "Five More Emphasis", and achieve better results in learning. Party organizations at all levels and leading cadres of Party members should take the initiative to benchmark and benchmark themselves, fully implement the deployment of the Party Central Committee, deeply implement the requirements of the "Five More Emphasis", and ensure that the "truth, grasp, practicality, and practice" are integrated throughout, ensuring that the requirements of "casting the soul with learning, increasing intelligence with learning, rectifying the style with learning, and promoting practice with learning" are internalized, externalized, and solidified in the system.

The second is to strengthen confidence in development, unite efforts to advance, and firmly shoulder the mission of high-quality development. We must strengthen our confidence, inspire our spirit, and be a typical example of overcoming difficulties. We must always maintain confidence, respond rationally to changes, and steadfastly play the role of the "ballast and stabilizer" in the struggle against the "tide of the times, industry trends, and reform". We will make the greatest contribution to the group company's crossing the "survival line" and "development line". To strengthen "winter training", improve skills, become the fastest leader in self transcendence, further stimulate the ambition of leapfrog and catching up, eliminate the "noise" that affects morale, play the "harmony" of the same desire from top to bottom, respond to market uncertainty with the firmness of practicing internal skills, turn "winter training" into "winter training", turn "impossible" into "possible", stimulate the endogenous motivation of work and entrepreneurship, and promote the formation of thinking, daring to do The new trend of being a good boutique base. We must maintain our composure and precision, actively contribute to high-quality development, actively adapt to the trend of high-quality development in the steel industry, adhere to the "12344" development concept, and always anchor the vision goal of "building a safe, intelligent, efficient, green, high-end steel enterprise, and building a world-class high-quality sheet metal base". We must unite our efforts to promote development, constantly focus on implementation, and make contributions based on our positions, striving to achieve better business performance, Make unremitting efforts and maximum contributions to "protect the interests of the group company, listed companies, and employees". To solidify the foundation, establish a solid foundation, and be a resolute defender of safety and stability, leaders and cadres at all levels should consciously prioritize the maintenance of enterprise safety and stability in order to safeguard the fundamental interests of all employees, and strengthen their responsibilities layer by layer to further consolidate the foundation of company safety and stability, creating a good environment for the upcoming Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The third is to consolidate the foundation of party building, leverage political advantages, and promote the continuous improvement of the "two ecosystems". Firmly grasp the political direction, firmly grasp the "political guidance", guide reform and development with the leadership of the Party, always carry out a clear political stance throughout all aspects and fields of enterprise governance, effectively grasp the correct political direction of enterprise reform and development, truly fulfill the responsibilities of the political body and do their own work effectively, pay attention to playing a good role in the guidance and guarantee of Party building, and strive to leverage the political advantages of the Party Organizational advantages are deeply rooted in the development and competitive advantages of enterprises, and high-quality party building leads the high-quality development of enterprises. Building a solid grassroots foundation and unwaveringly focusing on "Party building", we must adhere to the guidance of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, always maintain correct understanding and clear paths, firmly promote the "Five Hearts, Four Modernizations" and "Three Navigation Projects" to take root in high-quality bases, and lead the demonstration of a new journey with high-quality Party building. Deepen the strict governance of the Party, firmly grasp the "ecological shaping", deeply understand the "two positive correlations" relationship, accurately grasp the work requirements of comprehensive strictness and increasing strictness in the future, adhere to the principle of no restricted areas, full coverage, and zero tolerance, fully promote the spirit of struggle, enhance the awareness of struggle, and improve the skills of struggle, fundamentally form a good pattern of each taking their own responsibilities and jointly managing, and provide an indestructible security barrier for the construction of the "two ecosystems". Strengthen the integrity and discipline, firmly grasp the "style guarantee", with iron discipline and iron style as the guarantee, unite and work together, target and act together, fully carry forward the spirit of unity and hard work, think and use hard in one place, stand up at critical moments, withstand difficulties, and win in critical moments, further enhance the awareness of "high", and comprehensively shape the "strict, true, fine, solid, and fast" steel style.

Zhang Runsheng emphasized that standing at the significant historical juncture of enterprise reform and development, we must firmly seize the significant opportunity of this theme education, comprehensively learn, understand and grasp the scientific system, essence, and practical requirements of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and firmly promote the company to achieve a historic transformation from being at the forefront to being at the forefront. We must unswervingly use the maximum strength of the entire company to promote the group company The joint-stock company "strives for the top and leads the way", and unswervingly contributes steel power to comprehensively promote Chinese path to modernization and realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Personnel at level 6 or above in management of each unit, as well as representatives of Party members from Zhang Runsheng's contact point Party branch (Party branch in the second blast furnace operation area of the ironmaking plant), attended.