Good news! Double job runner up!



Rizhao City: "Skilled Enterprise, Electric Port City"

The 5th Power Industry Vocational Skills Competition was held

The company's employee representative team is responsible for the operation and maintenance of power information

In two competitive projects (job types) for power dispatchers

Won second place in the group

Among them, members of the power information operation and maintenance representative team

Yuan Shangwen Won Fourth Personal Place

Members of the Power Dispatching Representative Team

Geng Wei Won Personal Fifth Place

This competition is jointly organized by the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Youth League Municipal Committee, the Municipal Women's Federation, and other departments, and organized by State Grid Rizhao Power Supply Company. The competition consists of 7 "first class competition" events, adopting the form of "theoretical assessment+skill practice". The two parts account for 40% and 60% of the total score, respectively. Each event also includes individual and team competitions, with a total of 57 participating teams and 137 participants participating in the competition.

The representative team of information operation and maintenance workers is composed of

Employees in the power maintenance operation area of the energy and power plant

Composed of He Yinrui, Yuan Shangwen, and Zhao Zhishen

Three contestants overcome time constraints

Difficulties such as heavy tasks, actively preparing for battles

Successfully completed one after another

Basic operation of network devices

Fundamentals of Computer Network

Practical assessment of application and other aspects

With solid professional knowledge

Three contestants calmly responded

No distractions, achieving effective performance

Theoretical assessment takes less than 1 hour

Complete 300 questions each

The average time for each question should not exceed 10 seconds

The power dispatch team is composed of energy and power plants

Energy Management Room Power Dispatch

Composed of Xu Xiangmao, Wu Qiang, and Geng Wei

All three participating players are experienced

Power dispatch operation duty officer

Proficient in power grid operation and accident handling

Multiple business skills such as maintenance scheduling

Running with 10 representative teams and 21 dispatchers in the same project

The duty officer demonstrated good performance in the same competition

Professional quality and excellent professional level

Won unanimous praise from the judging team

Through this competition

Worked out team spirit

Fully mobilized employees to learn technology

Motivation in drilling business

Further stimulated the vast number of employees

Labor enthusiasm for job achievements

Fully demonstrated

Development style of company employees

The participating team will continue

Based on the position, catching up with and surpassing others through comparative learning

To ensure the safety of the company's power grid

Contribution to high-quality economic operation