The handsome men and beautiful women gathered at Huanghai High School, and it turned out that


Autumn is clear and refreshing, with a clear sky

The blue sky and white clouds complement the sports field

Cheers, cheers

Young people are immersed in

The ocean of laughter and laughter



Company Youth League Committee and Huanghai High School

Jointly organize single youth networking activities

38 single young people from the company were invited to participate

Go on an appointment to find a good relationship

Let's experience their joyful journey together!

Activity Start

Team members riding on colorful caterpillars

Accompanied by a crisp gunshot

The team members worked together to move forward

The venue for jumping rope is also bustling and lively

The atmosphere is tense and full of vitality

Music rings

The young man swinging the rope holds the rope

Skillfully rotate

The others are one by one

Jumping into the rope with a brisk step

Fully promote the company's youth

The spirit of "external tree image and friendship first"

Mutual assistance and assistance with young girls from Huanghai High School

Lead the team to compete bravely with various clever tricks


Achieving the Ultimate and Leading the Way

Corporate spirit

After a morning of work, they jointly completed six fun competitions, including the starry moon, rolling wheels, and sweeping away thousands of soldiers. The young men and women participating in the activity break their shyness and establish friendship through interactive games.

The person in charge of the Huanghai High School event also stated that this friendship event is a bridge and beautiful platform for young people to meet, get to know, get to know, and fall in love. We hope that the young people who participate in the event can sincerely showcase themselves, bravely express themselves, extend a hand of friendship to their beloved partner, build a better life, and create a better future together.

Next, the company's labor union and youth league committee will continue to increase their care for single youth, explore new modes of youth friendship, create new platforms, and carry out various forms of youth networking activities tailored to local conditions, continuously enhancing the sense of gain and happiness of young employees.