Leaders of the Provincial High Court Visited Hu Shu'e, a Representative of the National People's Congress, at the Company


To further strengthen communication and communication with representatives of the National People's Congress

Consciously accepting supervision

Enhancing the Understanding and Support of People's Congress Representatives for the Work of the People's Court

October 26th

Full time member of the Judicial Committee of the Provincial High Court and first-class senior judge

Gao Yimin

The delegation visited Hu Shu'e, a representative of the 14th National People's Congress, at the company.

Lu Yan, Secretary of the Party Group and President of the Municipal Intermediate People's Court, accompanied by Liu Hongbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director, and Chairman of the Trade Union of the company.

Gao Yimin sends sincere greetings to Hu Shu'e and expresses recognition and gratitude to her and her team for their long-term contributions to the industrial and economic development of Rizhao City. Gao Yimin introduced to Hu Shu'e the work situation and next steps of the Shandong Provincial High People's Court since 2023, focusing on the performance of its main responsibilities, proactive service to the overall situation, practice of justice for the people, deepening reform and innovation, handling small cases not small, and increasing legal publicity. He also hoped that Hu representative would continue to care, understand, support, and supervise the work of the court, and provide valuable opinions and suggestions, The Provincial High Court will effectively translate the opinions and suggestions of the representatives into specific measures, continuously improve the satisfaction of the people with the court's work, and provide stronger judicial guarantees for serving the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises.

Liu Hongbo warmly welcomed the arrival of Gao Yimin and his delegation, saying that this visit has deepened the understanding of the work of the Provincial High Court by representatives of the National People's Congress and brought enterprises closer to the judiciary. Liu Hongbo introduced the production and operation situation of the company since its launch and the next step of work plan. Since 2023, the company's core business performance indicators and some key indicators have improved month by month and continued to improve, maintaining a good development trend in the industry's difficult times. Next, the company will further clarify its responsibilities in accordance with the requirements of its superiors, fully pursue high standards in all aspects of work, and strive to build a world-class high-quality board base, adding bricks and tiles to the rapid development of the economy and society. We hope that the Provincial High Court will strengthen legal assistance to the company and provide strong support for the high-quality development of the company.

The representative of Hu Shu'e thanked the court for attaching great importance to the liaison work of representatives and actively accepting supervision, and spoke highly of the work of the court. She believed that the court had made outstanding contributions in pre litigation mediation, optimizing the business environment, maintaining social fairness and justice, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the work of the court in combination with its own work practice.

After the meeting, Gao Yimin and his delegation conducted research at the company exhibition hall, Songhu Bay Beach Park, and the main control room of the 2 # blast furnace. During this period, Gao Yimin presented Hu Shu'e with materials such as "The Work of Provincial Courts".