Haier products have been successfully tested in Rizhao steel galvanized coil used for home appliances


The good news came from Qingdao Haier Processing Plant on September 8, Rizhao Steel galvanized steel using home appliances have been successfully tested by the Haier. Rizhao Steel’s galvanized steel material used as the supporting plate component for the Haier freezer compressor, having good service performance and properties.This successfully mold testing in Haier, means Rizhao Steel to have ability and chance to supply all kinds of steel products for Haier home appliances.



        Everybody worked in coordination from the Iron and Steel Research and Development Division, the Metallurgical Technology Division, Business and sales Department of Rizhao Steel, the level one directors lead to discuss and find solution for the top difficult points, like the shear processing shall be not only Rizhao Steel product feature, but also the requirement from the Haier’s custom size, solving the important and difficult problems as like : Testing products flow, transport coordination, On time delivery the testing steel coils to the Haier stamp workshop in schedule. In order to ensure the work of testing mold smoothly.During the testing mold, the workers in Rizhao Steel are always standby in the whole testing process, checking the condition of the molds with the technical engineers in Haier, ensure to complete the mission of testing mold process.

        Rizhao Steel Galvanized coils using home appliances have the excellent stamping performance. Its strength is better than common cold roll based galvanized products. It applies to be as the supporting plate component for the Haier freezer compressor of main model 480, this will further reduce customer costs, win-win cooperation.This time of successfully testing the mold, laid a solid foundation for cooperation between the Rizhao Steel and the Haier both sides. More assembly units like Air conditioning motor bracket, the structural accessories of the Haier cabinet air conditioner series, the crossbar on the top of the Haier freezer series, will be supply by the Rizhao Steel.