Recently, the magazine named China Customs has compiled and released the name list of "China's Top 200 Foreign Trade Enterprises" in 2014. Six native enterprises in Rizhao entered the list. Wherein Rizhao Steel ranked 93th in the list with total export amount of 9.79 billion yuan. Besides, Rizhao Steel ranked 4th in the list of “Top 10 China’s Steel Export Enterprises in 2014”.

       In recent years, influenced by the slow recovery of global economy and the slowdown of China's economy, foreign trade enterprises have been generally confronted with fund shortage. Rizhao Customs has taken such measures as “Electronic Tax Guarantee “, “Security Clearance of Advanced Certified Enterprises”, “Bank Letter of Guarantee” and etc. in order to help eligible enterprises through “levy after release goods”, greatly relieving financial pressure of enterprises and saving their clearance cost of import and export. In the export trade, Rizhao Steel has also enjoyed support and care from Rizhao Customs .