The company held a summary and exchange meeting on the practical activity of "I do practical things for the people"


The interests of employees are insignificant

One branch and one leaf always care about emotions

November 24th

The company held a "I do practical things for the people" meeting

Summary and exchange meeting for practical activities

Share typical practices and summarize good experiences

Deepening learning and implementing the new era

Theme education of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics

Further advance

Normalization and long-term effectiveness of "I do practical things for the people"

Continuously deepening the construction of happiness and harmony

Enable the workers and the masses to

Sense of achievement, happiness, and security

More fulfilling, secure, and sustainable

To achieve a decisive battle in the fourth quarter and win a comeback battle

Provide strong support

Deputy Secretary of the Company's Party Committee, Director, and Chairman of the Trade Union

Liu Hongbo attended the meeting and delivered a speech

Liu Hongbo conducted on-site research in the new bathroom and first floor restaurant of the fourth service area employees, and reviewed the rectification situation for the problems that were relatively concentrated in the early stage of employee feedback. Entering the employee's new bathroom, Liu Hongbo opened the shower head to check the water temperature and flow, and felt the temperature of the radiators one by one. He reminded relevant units to continue to do a good job in hot water supply and winter heating in the bathroom; At the staff restaurant, Liu Hongbo carefully inquired and checked the variety of dishes and dining environment in the restaurant, and requested that the catering work of the employees be done from the details to ensure that their meals are hygienic, healthy, with appropriate temperature, delicious taste, and diverse choices. He effectively carried out good deeds and practical tasks. At the raw material unloading operation area of the Human Resources Reserve Development Center, Liu Hongbo unveiled the plaque for the recently successfully completed employee rest room "Journey Station".

At the summary and exchange meeting, Liu Hongbo expressed gratitude on behalf of the company's party committee and labor union for the rapid implementation and promotion of various units. He said that based on the 39 practical matters summarized in the previous research, the company's party committee and labor union regularly dispatch and hold multiple special dispatch and promotion meetings, refine division of labor, clarify responsibilities, and each unit formulates promotion measures and vigorously promotes project progress in accordance with the "Five Determinations" requirements. Currently, all of them have been fully implemented, effectively implementing the principle of putting people first and enhancing people's well-being in actions and details, and the rectification effect has been widely recognized by employees, Enhanced the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the majority of employees.

Liu Hongbo proposed specific requirements for the next step of work

We must adhere to asking for needs from employees, asking for advice from employees, and asking for benefits from employees.

To do practical things for the people and solve the urgent and difficult problems faced by the workers and masses is an important part of learning and implementing the theme education of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. All units should adhere to the concept of "serving the people and benefiting employees", follow the working method of "coming from the masses and going to the masses", actively conduct investigations and research on the front line, sincerely enter and get close to employees, listen to everyone's "inner thoughts" in places where the voices and reactions of the employees are high, and go to places with complex and sharp situations to discover contradictions and insight the crux.

Secondly, we must adhere to the style of being swift and resolute, and the concept of not blaming others.

When solving the needs and demands of employees, trade unions and departments of all units should follow the principle of "whoever is responsible, who is responsible", seize the opportunity, act swiftly, and immediately take action. They should always maintain a good work style of integrating knowledge and action and being down-to-earth, and effectively carry out good deeds and do them well.

We need to establish a normalized and long-term working mechanism.

We must make "I do practical things for the people" a constant focus in the construction of a happy and harmonious enterprise, establish a normalized and long-term working mechanism, conduct regular research, collect data, determine responsible departments, set a time for rectification and implementation, timely promote supervision, and create a positive and smooth working atmosphere and public opinion environment.

At the meeting, typical speeches were made by the Public Welfare Department, Equipment Management Department, and Human Resources Reserve Development Center.

The chairpersons of each unit's trade union, leaders in charge of the public welfare department, equipment management department, and engineering management department, and company trade union staff attended the meeting.