The labor union of the group company visited the company for research


November 24th

Group Company

Union Chairman and Employee Director Li Changqing

Vice Chairman of the Trade Union Liu Songlin and his delegation visited the company

Conduct research on union work and employee income issues

Liu Hongbo, Deputy Secretary of the Company's Party Committee, Director, and Chairman of the Trade Union

Trade unions, work areas, and party branches of each unit

Representatives of frontline workers, youth, and female workers attended the symposium

Li Changqing carefully listened to the report on the work of the labor union in Rizhao Company and fully affirmed the achievements of the company's labor union work. At the symposium, representatives from all levels reported on the ideological status, income situation, existing problems, opinions and suggestions to superiors of the employees. Li Changqing gained a deep understanding of the overall operation of the enterprise, the income situation of frontline employees, and the ideological dynamics of employees. He recorded everyone's opinions and suggestions one by one, and will report and study them with a highly responsible attitude before giving a reply.

Li Changqing stated that the issue of income is related to the vital interests of employees. As the "mother and family" of employees, trade unions at all levels should adhere to the people-oriented principle, firmly establish a people-centered development concept, care about the well-being of employees, solve their urgent and difficult practical problems, and gather a strong force to promote development.

Li Changqing said that under extremely special and challenging circumstances, Rizhao Company has maintained a good development trend, and its strength comes from a team of cadres and employees who dare to fight tough battles and are good at winning them. Rizhao Company is the "ballast stone" and "stabilizer" of the entire group. In the face of the current severe situation, cadres and employees should have firm confidence, bravely strive to be the first, anchor the confidence of "striving upstream and walking ahead" task goals without wavering, face difficulties and move forward against the current, and coordinate the "closure" of various annual tasks. We must solidly carry out education on the situation and tasks, so that the vast number of employees can recognize the situation, actively seek change, fully understand the positive correlation between enterprises and individuals, and every family, and be a wholehearted activist. With loyalty and practical work, we can overcome difficulties with the enterprise and strive together.

Regarding the next step of trade union work, Li Changqing demands that, firstly, the study and implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Trade Union and the 16th Representative Congress of the Shandong Provincial Trade Union should be taken as an important political work in the current and future periods, combined with the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and accurately grasp the rich connotations and core essence of the important discourse on the working class and trade union work, Convey the care and concern for the working class and trade union work, as well as the spirit of the conference, to every trade union cadre and worker masses, promote the theoretical innovation achievements of the Party to be integrated into departments, teams, and minds, and lead the workers to listen to the Party's words and follow the Party. The second is to strengthen the ideological guidance of employees, strengthen the education of their ideals and beliefs, and promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship spirit. The third is to strengthen the improvement of employee quality, promote the construction of the industrial worker team, and strive to build a grand industrial worker team with ideals and beliefs, understanding technology and innovation, and daring to take on responsibilities and make contributions. The fourth is to deepen vocational skills competitions and innovation work for all positions, widely carry out various labor competitions, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of the majority of employees. The fifth is to care about the lives of employees, pay high attention to disadvantaged workers, young workers, high-quality talents, etc., so that the majority of employees can feel the warmth of the enterprise, avoid talent loss, and achieve results in solving difficult problems and doing practical things.

Liu Hongbo reported on the work of the labor union in Rizhao Company. He said that under the leadership of the superior labor union and the company's party committee, the labor union in Rizhao Company adheres to a work orientation centered on employees, takes the model worker's home as the standard, expands and strengthens the "harmonious navigation assistance" labor union work brand, and creates a characteristic worker's home for Shangang Rizhao's high-quality steel.

One is to strengthen the ideological guidance of employees and promote their ideological and political construction. The second is to strengthen the improvement of employee quality and promote the construction of the industrial worker team. The third is to deepen the harmonious navigation assistance project and promote the construction of happy and harmonious enterprises. The fourth is to deepen the achievements of women's quality improvement and create a series of distinctive brands called "She". The fifth is to enhance the vitality of trade union work and promote the self construction of trade unions.

Liu Hongbo stated that the labor union of Rizhao Company will take striving to create a model worker's home in Shandong Province as its goal, improve and solidify the "quality improvement+status improvement" industrial worker team construction reform model and the "Five Harmonies and Co creation" happy and harmonious enterprise construction model, carefully create a harmonious navigation assistance brand and her series of brands with "her style, her rights, her voice, her happiness" as the main body, to help the high-quality development of the enterprise, Building a world-class boutique board base and making the necessary contribution to trade unions.

After the symposium, Li Changqing and his delegation went to the cold rolling and packaging operation area of the Human Resources Reserve Development Center and Songhu Bay Park for on-site research.

The relevant leaders of the Human Resources Department and the Operations Management Department attended the meeting as observers.