Beauty Li Qian took 2920 samples and saved thousands of yuan without spending a penny



Li Qian, the leader of the chemical production analysis team in the production technology room of the coking plant

The interface of the gas sampling point has been modified

Effectively solved the problem of the original interface being prone to damage and air leakage

Coking plants are major players in gas treatment and application

Mastering and producing various parameters of gas is of great significance

And the significance of laboratory testing as the "eyes" of production is significant

Gas sampling operation as the basis of laboratory analysis

Take at least 8 samples per day

Conservatively estimated to take 2920 times a year

Frequent sampling can lead to interface damage

The original interface is made of glass material

Wrapped and fixed with medical tape

Very easy to loosen and fall off

The broken glass interface is sharp

Easy to cut and damage sampling bags and rubber gloves

There are safety hazards present

Li Qian is well aware of the importance of sampling operations

I started thinking of ways to solve it in my spare time

Since glass is prone to breakage

Is it feasible to replace it with stainless steel? Thinking of this

Li Qian immediately began to take action

After studying the structure of the sampler

Essentially, it is a sealed valve and a sampling tube

You can definitely do it yourself

Immediately contact the maintenance team in the gas purification operation area

According to the original interface size, appropriate sized steel pipes were requested

With the help of maintenance personnel

Replaced the original glass sampler with a stainless steel tube

Directly welded at the connection, very sturdy

Directly solved the problems of easy damage and air leakage

"In the past, when we went to collect gas, we had to bring glass tubes, scissors, and tape every three to five times to replace or reinforce the glass tubes at the sampling port. Now we don't have to worry about this trivial matter at all," said Qin Pengpei, a laboratory technician, happily.

After tasting the sweetness

Li Qian then divided the entire work area into 6

All gas sampling interfaces have been replaced with stainless steel pipes

All the materials used are ready-made and cost nothing

Can save around 1000 yuan in a year

It can also effectively ensure the safety of sampling personnel