The top 10 winners stood out, and these academic giants were trained in this way


To build a large army of knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative workers

Building a platform that promotes learning through competitions and combines learning and competitions

Promote the reform and construction of the company's industrial worker team

In the 4th Employee Vocational Skills Competition organized by the company

According to the ranking of the comprehensive scores of the contestants in the "boutique lecture hall" smart tower challenge answering, theoretical examination, and practical assessment, 10 technical champions stood out.

Ten comrades, including Dong Xiang, Li Qiang, Sun Liangdi, Liu Guodong, Chu Guangjing, Chen Weichao, Zhao Mo, Zang Junjie, Li Min, and Wang Feng, were awarded the title of "Technical Champion of the Fourth Employee Vocational Skills Competition of the Company".

Medium thick plate factory

Dong Xiang, the safety officer in the heat treatment operation area of the medium and thick plate factory, conducted special training according to the dual prevention mechanism operation plan, fully mobilized all personnel to conduct risk point investigation, hazard identification, and risk evaluation based on their positions, and improved and refined control measures; Strengthen on-site safety inspections, carry out closed-loop rectification of hidden dangers, observe the behavior of key positions in work activities, and continuously promote standardized on-site operations; Actively carry out team standardization construction, improve team safety management level, and improve rules and regulations; Seriously organize safety education and training, as well as emergency drills, to enhance the safety awareness and emergency skills of all staff; Fully utilize the training time of "eight days, two small training sessions, and one major training session per month" to complete the annual retraining of employees.

steel mill

Li Qiang, a crane operator in the steel plant's crane operation area, has grown from a crane operator to a skilled business backbone and technical leader; From being a technical expert and top scorer in the company, to being awarded the Jinan City Technical Expert and Rizhao City Skill Star, he has been steadfast in his position for 32 years. He has diligently focused on researching driving operation techniques, participated in the writing of standardized driving operation manuals, summarized and promoted "stable, accurate, fast, safe and reasonable" skill operation methods and "precise positioning" operation methods, achieving a significant improvement in driving operation efficiency, solving 37 types of hidden dangers, and submitting 24 rationalization suggestions, The research project on "Reducing Steel Wire Rope Consumption and Extending the Service Life of Crane Steel Wire Rope" aims to reduce equipment costs by 52200 yuan annually.

Sun Liangdi, an electrical equipment inspector in the maintenance and operation area of a steelmaking plant, has been actively involved in daily inspection work since starting work in 2022. She has learned the working principles, daily inspection standards, and maintenance processes of key equipment in the converter, refining, and dust removal areas of the steelmaking plant. By familiarizing herself with the on-site environment and tracking and learning maintenance standards and safety technical disclosures, she continuously improves her professional skills and practical operation abilities, and accumulates work experience, Familiar with and proficient in 7 practical software such as EPLAN and IDEA, and won the "Technical Champion" in the company's employee vocational skills competition and youth technical competition twice in a row.

Iron making plant

Liu Guodong, a mechanical equipment inspector at the iron smelting plant, comprehensively strengthened equipment inspections, formulated reasonable inspection plans, and strengthened hazard investigation and treatment. Throughout the year, a total of 430 equipment hazards were identified and treated, and 6 major equipment hazards were eliminated. High quality replacement of blast furnace mud gun rotation mechanism, hot blast furnace gas combustion valve, static distributor, blast furnace distribution chute and other equipment was completed during intermediate and regular maintenance of blast furnace. The blast furnace rotation mechanism and upper dense transmission mechanism were replaced for the first time since the company started production, and a total of 204 regular maintenance projects were completed throughout the year, with a completion rate of 100%. We have vigorously promoted ordinary innovation and organized the implementation of multiple renovations, including the stability improvement of the blast furnace pressure equalization system, the application type transformation of the opening machine, and the lubrication transformation of the flue shaft under high wind temperature conditions. The cooling and cooling technology for the rotary oil cylinder and opening machine steel hinge of the blast furnace hydraulic mud gun has won the first prize of the company's ordinary innovation.

Technology Quality Center

Chu Guangjing, a chemical analyst and senior technician, currently serves as the deputy team leader of the laboratory in the raw material smelting analysis operation area of the Science and Technology Quality Center. Chemical inspection has a unique skill. She interlaces multiple analysis items for determination, and can simultaneously determine three items: S, fluorescence pressing, and melting in iron concentrate powder. In just two hours, she can complete the analysis of 32 components in four batches of samples. Fluorescence analysis has come up with a "trick". After extensive experiments and cooperation with technical personnel, she has developed a fluorescence analysis method for seven materials including iron ore. Currently, it has been promoted and applied in the work area, and has participated in the installation and debugging of dozens of equipment such as X-ray fluorescence analyzers and ICP spectrometers. Based on her position, she practiced her skills in analyzing samples with high sulfur and crystal water. In response to incomplete combustion and delayed analysis, she summarized a set of advanced sample drying techniques to reduce sample weighing, effectively improving laboratory efficiency and accuracy.

coking plant

Chen Weichao, a senior technician in the coking operation area, is currently employed as the supervising technician. Engaged in coke oven temperature control work, he constantly challenged and broke through himself with superb professional skills and rich on-site experience. He proposed the fine arrangement method of adjusting the horizontal temperature of the bricks, ensuring that the coke oven quickly reaches production and efficiency; Invented a negative pressure furnace top space measurement method for carbonization chamber, which can safely and accurately measure the temperature of the furnace top space without high-pressure ammonia water; Propose a fully welded connection for the sealing port of the exhaust gas tray, effectively solving the problem of exhaust gas tray ignition and saving nearly 1 million yuan in gas costs annually. Participated multiple times in the writing, revision, and calibration of job operating procedures, safety regulations, and skill question banks. In 2021, he was rated as exemplary individual of Rizhao Company.

Iron making plant

Zhao Mo, the on duty foreman of the second blast furnace operation area at the ironmaking plant, entered the company's ironmaking plant in early 2019 to work in the second blast furnace operation area. In daily work, we always adhere to the principle of striving for excellence, actively pay attention to the latest developments and trends in the industry, and actively participate in training and learning, constantly expanding our knowledge and skills. The anti decoupling device of a blast furnace uncovering machine that he participated in won the third prize of Shandong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.'s 2022 All Staff Post Innovation Excellent Science and Technology Innovation Project. In addition, he also obtained a patent for a waste heat utilization device for blast furnace ironmaking slag and published four papers, including a study on the circulation of lead and zinc impurities in blast furnace ironmaking.

steel mill

Zang Junjie, the main control worker of converter 3 in the steelmaking operation area. He is a post-90s generation who loves to work hard. After graduating from university, he became a dust collector and developed a strong interest in converter smelting. After transferring to become a converter controller, he strives for excellence in operation and innovates in technology. Since joining the workforce, he has won the "technical champion" in the company and steelmaking plant employee vocational skills competition and youth technical competition for three consecutive times, and won the "superior controller" in the steelmaking plant labor competition for nine consecutive times, Completed 9 technological innovation projects and achieved a major transformation in one's life role.

Li Min, the second step machine commander of Class A in the continuous casting operation area of the steelmaking plant. Li Min is a standard post-90s generation who has been engaged in continuous casting work for 13 years. She has been diligent, down-to-earth, and hardworking, and has been awarded honors such as "Advanced Production Worker", "Technical Expert", and "Young Technical Champion" by the company. Focusing on the goal of achieving ultimate production improvement and cost reduction, we actively utilize our intelligence and talents to carry out 15 research projects such as "innovation and research on blind plates in continuous casting machines", and reduce production costs by 975000 yuan annually while improving production efficiency.

Hot rolling plant

Wang Feng, the head of the steel rolling team in the hot rolling operation area of the hot rolling plant. During my tenure, I have a passion for research and am skilled in summarizing and tackling key issues. I have proposed and adopted over 150 ordinary innovations and rationalization suggestions, among which "Research and Application of Head and Tail Correction Control Technology for Thick and Wide Hot Rolled Strip Steel" has achieved an effect of over 7 million yuan and won the third prize of Rizhao City Innovation Achievement Award. Fully based on his position and exerting a radiating effect, as the team leader, he customized training plans based on the advantages of team members, organized team members to carry out product process rolling and fault technology research and development, and continuously honed his skills through job training, skill competitions, practical exercises, and other means. Under the promotion of a mutually beneficial atmosphere between teaching and learning, he and his team have developed excellent skills. They have summarized and published 8 papers and 5 invention patents in professional journals. In 2022, they were awarded the title of "Ordinary Innovative Team" by Shandong Iron and Steel Group.


97 comrades were awarded the title of "Technical Expert in the Fourth Employee Vocational Skills Competition of the Company"

Technology Quality Center, Equipment Management Department, Safety Management Department, Party Committee Organization Department/Human Resources Department, Ironmaking Plant, Steel Making Plant, Medium and Heavy Plate Plant, Public Welfare Department, Party Committee Propaganda Department/Labor Union, etc

9 units won

"Excellent Organization Award of the 4th Workers' Vocational Skills Competition"

The vast number of employees

To promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship spirit

Study hard and constantly delve into knowledge

Keep up with the advanced and strive to become high skilled talents

Build a workforce that upholds ideals and beliefs, understands technology and innovation, and is willing to take on responsibilities and contribute

High quality in the company

Making achievements in development