Adding Sharp Tools to Automotive Steel Products, Benefit Leveraging



The company's research and development and sales of cold-rolled automotive steel have received frequent reports of success

High strength martensitic steel 980MS

1180MS and other varieties have broken through

Equipment limit of continuous withdrawal production line

And has passed the certification of the automobile main engine factory

Realized mass supply and production

The company adds another sharp tool to seize the high-end automotive steel market

It is a cold-rolled ultra-high strength steel with the characteristics of low cost, ultra-high strength, and low formability. It is mainly used for safety structural components with low requirements for stamping forming, and is one of the main lightweight steel types for automobiles.

Ultra thin and high-strength automotive panels

Is the key to lightweight cars

It can ensure the strength of the car

Under the premise of safety

Minimize the quality of the car as much as possible

Thereby improving the power of the car

Reduce fuel consumption and exhaust pollution

Experimental proof

Reduce the quality of the car by half

Fuel consumption will also be reduced by nearly half

Due to the need for environmental protection and energy conservation

Automobile lightweight

Has become a trend in the development of automobiles worldwide

Received by the Technology Quality Center

Rapid response after research and development tasks

Deepen the integration of QCDVS production, sales, and research

Expand thinking and break through barriers between steel grades

Discovering inspiration from the strengthening mechanism of hot-formed steel

Relying on the chemical composition system of hot formed steel

Successfully completed

Development and Debugging of 980MS Martensitic Steel

And formed in a relatively short period of time

Batch supply production capacity

Simultaneously collaborate with the cold rolling mill

Jointly developed a breakthrough in the design limit of the production line

1180MS Martensitic Steel

And successfully achieving debugging

On the basis of small-scale production

Gradually expanding specifications

From the beginning, only 1.2mm specifications could be produced

Up to now, the 0.6mm~2mm specifications are fully covered

Customers from the low-end trailer pipe fitting market

Extending to the research and development of high-end new energy battery packs

Expanding from domestic market to international market

at present

980MS, 1180MS

Batch supply of martensitic steel

Capable of meeting various personalized needs of users

Signifies the company's high-end automotive steel products

Climbing a new level

Expanding the market for cold-rolled high-strength steel for automobiles

To further optimize the product structure

Creating More Benefits and Creating Better Conditions