The "Warm People and Benefiting Farmers" Mountain Steel is Hot~


14:50 on November 15th

With the company's 1 # blast furnace slag flushing water and heat source station

Opening of DN700 slag water inlet valve


Key energy-saving, emission reduction, and circular economy projects

Integrated utilization of waste heat for people's livelihood and fisheries as a comprehensive smart energy source

The project enters the circulating heating stage of the heating water system

Heating water temperature, flow rate, pressure, etc

All parameters meet the design requirements

Start heating the surrounding area of the company

Fulfilling social responsibilities

The company actively fulfills its social responsibility, unifies enterprise development with local economic and social development, and strives to create a new pattern of mutual empowerment between fulfilling social responsibility and healthy development of enterprises. It has launched a comprehensive smart energy project for the integration of waste heat livelihood and fishery utilization. It has built 11 waste heat resource stations, 1 initial station, and 1 steam heat exchange station in the factory, and generates hot water by extracting low-quality waste heat such as process circulating water and flue gas from the production process nearby, After converging at the initial station, it is fed into the heating main line to provide heat source for the centralized heating of the nearby urban buildings in Taoluo Town, Donggang District, Rizhao City, and to meet the requirements of water insulation heating for major marine aquaculture households.

The project fully utilizes the waste heat generated during the production process, effectively utilizing a large amount of waste heat, which can not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also bring good economic benefits to the enterprise. After the project reaches its full capacity, it is expected to provide 1.84 million gigawatts of external heating water annually, save 34000 tons of standard coal, reduce emissions of 70000 tons of carbon dioxide, 3000 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 2000 tons of nitrogen oxides. It also saves 60 million tons of groundwater resources for marine breeding heat pumps and promotes significant improvement of the regional environment.

This project belongs to the Rizhao City Warm People, Benefiting Farmers and Livelihood Project

It is an important measure to implement the development path of "enriching the country by the sea, strengthening the country by the sea, promoting harmony and win-win cooperation between the people and the sea, and accelerating the construction of a maritime power with Chinese characteristics". It is in line with the "Shandong Province Winter Clean and Warm Plan (2018-2022)", "Rizhao City's 14th Five Year Plan for Ecological Environment Protection", and "Rizhao City's Urban Heat Generation Development Plan", while helping to achieve the strategic goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality".

Systematic thinking on the management departments and production units of the company

Plan ahead, organize meticulously, and fight day and night in the cold

Close cooperation with thermal companies

Overcoming tight deadlines and heavy tasks

Difficulties such as prominent cross contradiction with production

Reverse construction period and push forward stubble pressing

Completed the heating target as scheduled

After the project is put into use

Helps to further showcase

Taking on the responsibility of state-owned enterprises and improving their reputation

Further enhance the company

Social, environmental, and economic benefits

Providing important support for energy conservation and emission reduction