Good news! Three people won the "Technical Champion" of Shangang Co., Ltd., and


In the just concluded first professional skills competition of Rizhao Steel Co., Ltd., the company's competitors won three out of four job competitions

Zang Junjie, Wang Feng, Yin Jilong

Awarded the title of "Technical Champion"

17 people were awarded the title of "Technical Expert"

Fully showcasing the good mental outlook of the employees

Further deepening the reform of industrial worker team construction

Accelerate the cultivation and selection of highly skilled talents

Assist the company in achieving the goal of "striving for excellence and being ahead"

Technical champion

Zang Junjie

The second shift apprentice furnace manager (converter steelmaker) in the steelmaking operation area of the steelmaking plant

Wang Feng

Steel rolling team leader (metal rolling worker) in the hot rolling operation area of the hot rolling plant

Yin Jilong

Electrical inspector (electrical automation) at the inspection station of the cold rolling mill equipment management room

Zang Junjie is a post-90s generation who loves to work hard. After graduating from university, he became a dust collector and developed a strong interest in converter smelting. After transitioning to become a converter controller, he excels in operation and innovates in technology. Since joining the workforce, he has won the "Technical Champion" in the company's and steelmaking plant's employee vocational skills competition and youth technical competition three times in a row, Successfully won the "dominant position" in the labor competition of the steelmaking plant for 9 consecutive times, completed 9 technological innovation projects, and achieved a significant transformation in one's life role.

During his tenure, Wang Feng was passionate about research and was skilled in summarizing key issues. He proposed and adopted more than 150 ordinary innovations and rationalization suggestions, among which "Research and Application of Head and Tail Correction Control Technology for Thick and Wide Hot Rolled Strip Steel" achieved an effect of over 7 million yuan and was awarded the third prize for innovation achievements in Rizhao City. Fully based on his position and exerting radiation, as the class leader, he customized training plans based on the advantages of team members, organized team members to carry out product process rolling and fault technology research, and continuously honed his skills through job training, skill competitions, practical exercises, and other means. Under the promotion of a mutually beneficial atmosphere of teaching and learning, he and his team have developed excellent skills. They have summarized and published 8 papers and 5 invention patents in professional journals. In 2022, they were awarded the title of "Ordinary and Innovative Team" by Shangang Group.

Yin Jilong, a point inspector in the equipment management room of the cold rolling mill, is responsible for conducting precision point inspections of production line equipment in all aspects according to the equipment inspection standards, mastering the operating status of the equipment, and promptly reporting any potential equipment hazards detected; Conduct in-depth analysis of electrical automation faults on the production line, tackle difficult faults, propose fault rectification plans, and organize implementation to eliminate existing equipment hazards; Propose maintenance plans and equipment modification plans based on the operating status of the equipment, and confirm the acceptance of the results; Collect, analyze, and summarize equipment information on the production line, sort out spare parts inventory, submit spare parts plans, develop emergency response plans for equipment without spare parts, and ensure stable operation of the production line.

Technical experts

Zhang Shouliang ranked second as a blast furnace ironmaking worker

Han Fenggang ranked sixth as a blast furnace ironmaking worker

Eighth place in Kongzhuo blast furnace ironmaking worker

Sun Yulei, second place converter steelmaker

Ma Yonggang ranks fifth as a converter steelmaker

6th place converter steelmaker with hole number

Duan Fuwei, second place metal rolling worker

Wang Chao ranked third as a metal rolling worker

Zhu Hengbin ranked seventh as a metal rolling worker

Wu Yuzhuo ranked fifth in electrical automation

Zhang Qiang ranked seventh in electrical automation

Dong Xiang, the first safety officer

Li Qiang, first place crane driver

Liu Guodong ranked first as an equipment inspector (mechanical)

Chu Guangjing ranked first as a chemical inspector

Chen Weichao ranked first as a coking worker

Li Min won the first place as a foundry worker

I hope that the majority of employees can set an example of being advanced

Vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, and craftsmanship spirit

Strive to become a "knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative" person

High quality employees

Showcasing the style of the working class era with excellent skills

Contribute to the high-quality development of enterprises