Secretary Chen's clever move to reduce costs by 1.5 million yuan



The hot rolling operation area of the hot rolling plant is achieved by

Installation of smoke temperature control valve for heating furnace reversing system

Successfully solved the problem of restricting the emission of flue gas from heating furnaces

Ensure stable operation of the heating furnace

Received unanimous praise from everyone

The heat storage and combustion system of the heating furnace in the hot rolling plant has 8 coal smoke branch pipes on each side of each section, and each branch pipe is equipped with smoke temperature measurement points. But each point is affected by many conditions such as flue gas deviation, directional valve failure, and thermal storage ball. If a problem occurs at one point, it will cause some branch pipes to alarm for excessive flue gas temperature. Heating furnace operators often scratch their ears and cheeks due to the issue of smoke temperature alarms, which has had an impact on both steel loading and tapping.

Chen Jianlei, Secretary of the Party Branch of the hot rolling operation area, has conducted multiple on-site surveys and conducted experiments using shutdown. He found that reducing the opening of the entire flue gas control valve can achieve control to a certain extent. After trying to put it into use, the effect was significant, and just as everyone felt that the problem had been solved, new problems emerged.

This has affected the normal smoke exhaust volume of other burner branches, "Chen Jianlei said, staring at the computer screen.

It turned out that after changing the opening

Will affect the normal smoke exhaust of straight pipes

Causing significant fluctuations in furnace pressure

Unstable combustion conditions

Affected the normal operation of the heating furnace thermal storage system

Chen Jianlei immediately organized personnel to tackle and discuss again

Decide to act like a hydraulic valve

Install a smoke temperature control valve in the smoke exhaust branch pipe

Install each branch burner using the control valve

Separate control of smoke temperature


After installing the control valve

Not only did it successfully solve the problem of smoke temperature alarm

By adjusting a valve, one section was saved

Simultaneously achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement through technological innovation

The story of Chen Jianlei cleverly adding valves to solve difficult problems

Obtained unanimous approval from the heating furnace operators

After renovation

The furnace pressure has decreased from 60Pa to

Below 30-40Pa

Stable furnace pressure

Reduce heat loss caused by furnace door overflow and fire

Gas consumption reduced by 0.01GJ/t steel

With an annual output of 5 million tons

Calculation of gas unit price of 30 yuan/GJ

Reduce costs by 1.5 million yuan