Double Champion! Achievements Achieved at the First Workers' Games in Rizhao City


November 18th

Inside the Gymnasium of Shandong Foreign Language Vocational and Technical University

Thunderous applause and loud cries

The opening ceremony of the first Workers' Games in Rizhao City was grandly held here

The opening ceremony was held on-site

Tug of War Women's 540 kg Class

Men's 640kg Final

The company's male and female tug of war teams are in the finals respectively

Against Shandong Port Rizhao Port Representative Team

After intense competition

The company's tug of war team won in one fell swoop

Champion of women's and men's competitions

It is understood that the first Workers' Games in Rizhao City will include tug of war, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, football, fun track and field, and online sports events. The company's labor union organized employees to participate in tug of war, basketball, badminton, and table tennis competitions.


The tug of war competition won the double championship of the male and female groups

Badminton competition

Yao Jianping and Bian Bo won the men's doubles championship

Xu Xiangmao and Zhao Hailong won the runner up in men's doubles

Zhao Zhongfeng and Li Bingyu won the mixed doubles runner up

Chi Jing won fourth place in women's singles

Zhang Yuhua and Kan Xuebo won fifth place in women's doubles

Niu Xiaomeng and Yan Xiaojing won eighth place in women's doubles

Table Tennis Competition

Leng Bin and Sun Fengli won seventh place in men's doubles

During the competition

The participating employees carry forward the steel spirit of loyalty, unity, and courage to take responsibility

Consolidate and overcome difficulties

While creating good results

Showcasing the excellent qualities of steel workers' hard work and struggle in the new era

Established a good corporate image