Unlocking His Road to the Top Scholar Together


The regeneration gas pipeline at the bottom of the purification tower C of the LNG system has been corroded and worn through. In order to prevent a large amount of gas leakage and affect production safety, we strive to work overtime and complete the pipeline maintenance earlier, and cannot take it lightly

The sunset sets in the west

In the LNG operation area of the coking plant

A team wearing red vests is busy and orderly

The red party flag is fluttering in the wind

Silently explaining the dedication and achievements of this team

And the leader of this team

With over 20 years of work experience

LNG gas purification team leader

Liu Yubin

Diligent and hardworking, brave in challenges

Since joining the LNG operation area of the coking plant

Liu Yubin gradually transformed from an ignorant "chemical novice"

Solid learning of chemical LNG professional knowledge

Gradually growing into a team leader

He often says, 'Diligence is the foundation, virtue is the first, and learning comes first'

Keep responsibility in mind

Play a exemplary and leading role

In every 'battle'

High quality completion of maintenance tasks

On the afternoon of October 23rd, Liu Yubin received an urgent repair welding and maintenance task for the bottom pipeline of the purification tower C of the LNG system. At this critical period of LNG production and quantity assurance, ensuring the smooth operation of the LNG system is the top priority of work. Liu Yubin did not hesitate to rush to the maintenance line and led the team members to cooperate with maintenance personnel to repair welding through safe operation methods such as venting and pressure relief, nitrogen replacement, and repeated sampling and testing. Soon, pipeline leaks were effectively controlled. Liu Yubin held a walkie talkie and asked the main control about the system's operation status, while also paying attention to the safety of frontline employees. With the joint efforts of everyone, the repair welding work of the pipeline was completed at 19:30 in the evening. At 9pm, the airtightness test of the pipeline passed once, and Liu Yubin's suspenseful heart finally let go.

Using sweat and diligence to pave the way for the top scorer

I ranked 6th in the technical competition in 2021 and 3rd in the technical competition in 2022. This year, I have finally reached the pinnacle. I am very grateful for the company's strong support for the skills competition over the past four years, providing a good platform for our frontline employees to showcase their abilities. I will continue to work hard

Liu Yubin has put in more effort than others

I have also achieved greater success

Stand out in the 4th Coal to Gas Industry Technology Competition

First in both theory and practice

Becoming the champion of this competition

I remember in the first year of the preliminary competition, the multiple-choice questions put tremendous pressure on Liu Yubin. Due to insufficient knowledge of chemical engineering and the tense mood of the competition, he was eliminated in the first skill competition preliminary competition. But failure did not make him retreat, but instead stimulated his fighting spirit.

If it's not enough once, it's twice. If it's not enough twice, it's countless times. Diligence can make up for weakness, remember more! "Liu Yubin whispered to himself. In order to improve learning efficiency, almost every day before preparing for the exam, he arrived at work more than an hour early and used his spare time to start brushing questions. As the competition approached, he repeated the 1800 questions in the theoretical question bank 15 times. He usually communicated and studied with the team teacher Fu, and learned knowledge at home every evening and weekend. Hard work pays off to those who care, and when the game results were announced, Liu Yubin's face turned red with excitement.

Glow wherever you twist it

With 28 years of work experience, he actively leads team members to learn safety and process knowledge through his professional and technical abilities. Through the "seven star service", he improves the team's safety management level and enables team members to grow rapidly. By the deadline, the team has safely completed more than 1000 maintenance tasks. During the maintenance process, he also summarized and proposed "adjustment of the direction and position of the pre purification program control valve" The golden ideas of "adding bypass pipes and routes" have eliminated production safety problems such as valve gas leakage, and have accumulated economic benefits of over 20 million yuan for the company's energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Someone asked Liu Yubin, "After working for more than 20 years, aren't you tired?" He smiled and said, "Although you may feel tired or tired, watching the equipment overcome various difficult and complicated problems, a sense of achievement arises in your heart. I only hope to be a screw in this position that never rusts, shining wherever you screw it, and I am satisfied.