Gaotian is coming! AAA level scenic spots welcome the first batch of "newcomers"


Facing the blue sea and sky, reflecting flowers on the lawn

Songhu Bay Park in an AAA level scenic area

The newlyweds in formal attire make a lifelong commitment to love


Organized by the company's Youth League Committee

Exclusive Activities for the Second Youth Collective Wedding

8 pairs of new employees from various units of the company holding hands

A century long promise, a century long marriage

To guide young people to establish a new happy event

A new trend of diligence, frugality, and frugality in wedding celebrations

Further promote harmonious navigation assistance projects

Better serve youth

The company's Youth League Committee combines the actual situation of the enterprise

Listen to the wishes of young employees

Exclusive event for the collective wedding of "Love in Rizhao Steel Destined Rizhao"

In the iconic area of the boutique base, exclusive wedding photos of AAA level scenic spots were taken for young employees: the only beach park in the domestic steel industry - Songhuwan Park, the authoritative ore museum inside and outside the province - Ore Town, Qilu First Furnace -5100 cubic meters blast furnace, and the world's advanced cold rolling production line - galvanized production line. New people felt the charm of modern steel enterprises, Also feel the warmth and enthusiasm of the Iron Man.

National AAA Industrial Tourism Scenic Area

Shandong First Parent Process Steel Enterprise Environmental Protection Performance A-level Enterprise

National leading water efficiency enterprise

National level green factory

Green development benchmark enterprise in the steel industry

In this picturesque and modern steel filled enterprise

New people are saying their most beautiful blessings

Groom: Zhang Wei&bride: Liu Zhenzhao

Love Manifesto: "Marrying you is the most beautiful decision of my life. May our love deepen and accompany each other through every beautiful moment." At the same time, I wish the company prosperous development, daily success, and achieving even better development and performance improvement.

Groom: Wang Kun&Bride: Zheng Wanning

Love Manifesto: From now on, the misty rain falls in the capital, one person holding an umbrella and two people walking together, making private romance public, reasonable, legitimate, and with you, this year, next year, year after year. On this beautiful day, I also wish the company an elderly performance and a prosperous career.

Groom: Xu Shaohua&Bride: Liu Wei

Love Manifesto: Do not seek to own each other, volunteer to spend your life together. Do not seek the sea to wither and the rocks to crumble, only wish for the soul to be with you. The company is also my second home. I wish this family not to be afraid of difficulties, overcome difficulties, ride the wind and waves, and go straight to the sea.

Groom: Xue Yunfei&Bride: Wang Shu

Love Manifesto: May our love develop with high quality like a company, persevere, strive together, and be filled with love and prosperity on the way forward.

Groom: Hu Qun&Bride: Huang Meizi

Love Manifesto: Stroll with you on the beach of Songhu Bay, take you to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the interweaving and collision of steel industry and the seaside, and our footprints have a deeper overlap here. At this moment, businesses have witnessed the most beautiful appearance of our love. And 'she' will also shine more brightly with the joint efforts of more people!

Groom: Lin Fankun&Bride: Yan Wen

Love Manifesto: We know each other in warmth and cold, share joy and joy, measure the breadth of heaven and earth, and share the length of the sun and moon. I am willing to work together with the company, improve my internal and hard skills, strive to become a "warrior" in the forefront, and contribute my youthful strength to the high-quality development of the company!

Groom: Dang Xiulin&Bride: Jia Jinxiu

Love Manifesto: Your appearance has amazed time. It was only during my time with you that I learned what love should be like. Time is short and the future is far away. I hope to be with you every day in the future, because with you, I feel deeply happy. In the future, I will support our small family and contribute my own strength to "everyone", because the company is our strong support. I wish the company's performance can be thriving and move forward bravely!

Groom: Zhang Jiafeng&bride: Li Shufen

Love Manifesto: How many centuries have passed, and we have met; How many marriages have we accumulated? We are in love. Dear, it's great to have you. Let's love each other sweetly and be happy together until we grow old. Thank you for organizing this event, and I wish the company a better and better tomorrow. In the fourth quarter, we will strive for new and brilliant achievements!

The company adheres to the concept of "caring for and serving young people", actively assumes various social responsibilities, serves as a guide for the new era and new youth, creates a good humanistic environment, and allows young talents to have both the expectation of working and entrepreneurship, and a sense of belonging to their families. It continuously expands the circle of friends of single young people in the company, and enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of young employees towards the enterprise.

New participants in the event

They come from various units and positions

There are both post-90s and post-00s here

They gather for love

Holding hands for love, vowing for love

The beauty of steel companies has witnessed them

The journey of knowing, knowing, and accompanying each other in life

Adding a poetic and humanistic romantic charm

Hold your son's hand and grow old with him

The powerful oath of the new people

A Manifesto of Love with Love

At this point

It is perfectly integrated with the scenery of blue sky, blue sea, and golden beach

Continuously sublimating in this steel AAA level scenic spot