Inheriting the red gene, realizing the original mission, and conducting thematic education


Be hardworking and brave to move forward

Never give up and dare to win

Loving the Party and Army, Pioneering and Advancing

Hard work and selfless dedication

Learning the Yimeng Spirit

Remembering the Revolutionary Martyrs and Continuing the Red Blood

Inheriting the Revolutionary Spirit and Firming Ideals and Beliefs

November 14th and 15th

Company Party Committee Organizational Management Level 6

Cadres or above, relevant personnel from Party and mass departments

Come in two batches

Menglianggu Campaign Memorial Hall, Yimeng Hongsister-in-law Hometown

Receiving Red Education

Company party and government leaders Zhang Runsheng, Sun Weihua, Yang Jinguang, Liu Hongbo, Liu Yiwei, Xie Yingxiu, Zhang Yongqing, and Li Yongliang participated in the event.

The theme of this on-site education activity is the Yimeng spirit of "enduring hardship, advancing bravely, never giving up, daring to win, loving the party and army, pioneering and advancing, working hard, and selflessly dedicating". Through on-site observation, listening, and experience, Party members and cadres are encouraged to hone their original aspirations and missions in red education, and draw on the strength of progress.

At the Menglianggu Campaign Memorial Hall, everyone listened attentively to the lecturer's explanation. Each revolutionary cultural relic carrying a historical atmosphere, and each old photo faded yellow, made everyone realize the difficulties and twists of the revolutionary process and the hard won revolutionary victory, and received a profound baptism of thought.

In front of the revolutionary martyrs' cemetery, all party members bowed in silence to the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed themselves in the Battle of Menglianggu and offered flower baskets to the martyrs. Faced with the bright party flag, all party members raised their right hands and solemnly took the oath of joining the party, reliving it.

Subsequently, all party members went to the hometown of Red Sister-in-law and visited the Red Sister-in-law Revolution Memorial Hall. They listened to the touching stories of Red Sister-in-law Ming Deying, the first person of Yimeng Red Sister-in-law, and Wang Changyu, the mother of Yimeng. They also watched the red scene performance in the small courtyard on site.

Looking back on the past and remembering the past

After the event ends

Everyone expressed their willingness to uphold the will of the martyrs

Carry forward the glorious tradition and excellent work style of the older generation of revolutionaries

Firmly listen to the Party's words and follow it

Fully leverage the exemplary and leading role of party members

Fulfill responsibilities and take on responsibilities

Contribute to the fourth quarter of the decisive battle and win the turnaround battle