The "Blade Light and Sword Shadow" on the Road of Innovation


Innovation is the key to grasping and leading the times

Employees of the Science and Technology Quality Center

Actively respond to the call

Fully utilize one's intelligence and intelligence

Starting from self improvement and minor changes

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Performed a wonderful scene of "sword light and shadow" on the path of innovation

The 'knife' enters the sheath

What kind of knife is a knife?

Golden Silk Ring Blade

Let's start over with a bad mouth

Let me introduce you well

This knife is not an ordinary one

It's a milling cutter on the device, a flying knife

Through careful observation, Yu Zhaoyi found that during the slotting operation of the CNC multifunctional machining center's second milling spindle cutterhead, the milled iron chips are prone to fall into the pneumatic and hydraulic devices of the equipment, not only causing damage to related accessories, but also affecting the efficiency of sample processing and inspection. He found through comparison with other similar devices that most cutting tools have a protective cover on the outer side, similar to a "scabbard", which not only controls the iron filings within a certain range, but also avoids the risk of scratches when taking the sample, which is much more effective.

After repeatedly measuring the outer diameter of the second milling spindle cutter head and combining it with the equipment operation trajectory, he began to design the "cutter sheath". So I purchased materials such as steel pipes and screws, processed them into corresponding sizes and shapes using existing equipment in the work area, and fixed them on the machine base with bolts at four corners, leaving a protective door for taking out the tool handle, and installed a door lock. In this way, I made a protective cover for the second milling cutter. After testing, not only did it avoid splashing iron filings, reduce equipment maintenance times, but it also improved work efficiency and protected personnel operation safety. The knife equipped with a "sheath" is indeed much safer.

Liu Xizhang, Senior Engineer of the Medium and Heavy Plate Process Design Office, is dedicated to researching how to clean steel. His proposed project of "Strengthening Q355D Process Control and Improving Steel Plate Surface Quality" has reduced the pitting rate of Q355D steel plate and improved the quality of steel plate. Not only has the steel been "polished", but it can also reduce quality loss by 17500 yuan per month.

Iron generates "light"

Steel plate pitting is caused by the incomplete removal of oxide scale on the surface of the billet or the regeneration of oxide scale during the rolling process. During the rolling and compression process of the rolling mill, the oxide scale adheres to the surface of the steel plate to form pitting defects, which not only affects the quality of the steel plate but also easily causes quality objections, bringing negative impacts to the company. After on-site tracking, Liu Xizhang found that the furnace coil production line used long scale rolling with high heating temperature or multiple heating, resulting in multiple generation of oxide scales between rolling passes and potential defects.

Faced with this situation, he lowered the heating temperature of the billet by 30 ℃ to reduce the iron oxide scale of the billet itself, while strengthening the descaling. The heating temperature and the number of descaling passes that exceeded the standard in the furnace increased from 4 to 6, removing the oxide scale generated during the rolling process. After optimization, the surface quality of Q355D has significantly improved, with the occurrence rate of pitting reduced from 0.50% to 0.15%. This not only reduces the energy consumption of the heating furnace but also improves the quality of the steel plate, making the surface of the steel plate more "shiny".

Ancient Sword Saint Li Bai

Now there is a "shoulder lamp" to dispel worries

Lu Litao, an employee of the Quality Management Office, takes "shoulder" as the "sword"

Repairing and utilizing waste shoulder lamps eliminates safety hazards

Added a layer of safety protection for employees on duty to go out for inspections and inspections

Sword dispels worries

The red and blue shoulder lights on the job are frequently used in process discipline inspection and quality inspection. Two hooks of the four shoulder lights in the team have fallen off, and one shell is damaged. Going to the site for inspection and inspection, if you don't wear shoulder lights, you can't give the driver a warning. This is very dangerous, "Lu Litao saw in his eyes, anxious in his heart, looking at the shoulder lights that had fallen into several pieces. Lu Litao, who had worked as a maintenance worker before, made up his mind to fix them as quickly as possible.

He used a screwdriver to remove the shoulder lamp, and through careful inspection, it was found that the circuit board inside was not damaged. Simply replacing the shell and hook could restore the damaged shoulder lamp to its original state. Therefore, Lu Litao remembered that there was also an abandoned shoulder lamp in the team, so he took out the previous shoulder lamp and, through a series of "tinkling" repairs, disassembled and combined the good parts onto the existing shoulder lamp. After his skillful recovery, Three intact shoulder lamps appeared in his hands, and after recharging, the shoulder lamps flickered again. Master Lu is really impressive, our safety is guaranteed again, "everyone praised him one after another.

The shadow follows the form, and the sound responds. The crushing and dividing machine is an old friend of the raw material worker Bu Xiangsen. His "process improvement of the crushing and dividing machine" not only facilitates material grinding, but also improves work efficiency, earning praise from colleagues.

The sound of 'shadow' is good

Material crushing and grading is an essential task in the sample preparation process. The crushing and grading machine is difficult to operate, has small crushing particle size, and has extremely high requirements for mixing and grading. A slight difference in the pool can cause material composition deviation. More importantly, during the crushing process, due to the large weight of the material, two people need to lift it to the feeding port before pouring it in. During the process, the labor intensity of personnel is high, and multiple crushing is required to achieve the required particle size reduction. After careful observation, the workers Ren Jieyu and Bu Xiangsen in the work area found that by reducing the single feeding amount and the gap between the plates, the crushing particle size can be effectively reduced. They adjusted the crushing particle size of the crushing and grading machine, and through testing operations, only one crushing was required to achieve the required particle size. This small adjustment doubled the material crushing efficiency and greatly reduced the labor intensity of employees. While improving the crushing efficiency, it also reduced inspection errors, which is commendable.

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