Do you know anyone who is fresh from the "three types" of employees?


Third quarter


Under the leadership of the company's party committee


The Group Company's Goal Positioning of "Striving for Upstream and Leaving Ahead"

According to the Party Committee of the joint-stock company

Job requirements for "finding a way, strengthening resilience, and improving abilities"

Enhanced the fighting spirit to "turn crises into development opportunities"


Proactive and unreliable

A strong atmosphere of work and entrepreneurship

Q3 2023

List of Safe Employee Commendation Personnel

(10 people in total)

Negative pressure monitor and chief technician in the gas purification operation area of Li Zhen Coking Plant

Ye Tingzhao Hot Rolling Plant Maintenance and Inspection Operation Area Support Team Leader

Du Juanhua Energy Power Plant Power Supply Operation Area Supervisor

He Yinrui Energy Power Plant Power Maintenance Operation Area Protection Test Team Leader

Safety Officer in the Coking Operation Area of Wei Xuen Coking Plant

Equipment inspector in the support operation area of Xingzeng Rong Medium and Heavy Plate Factory

Equipment inspector in the continuous return operation area of Lu Nianchen Cold Rolling Plant

Wang Huaizhen, the team leader of the refining machinery team in the maintenance and inspection operation area of the steelmaking plant

Part time safety officer in the R&D laboratory of Li Guozhu Technology Quality Center

Employees in the pelletizing operation area of Jiao Shizhong Ironmaking Plant

Q3 2023

List of innovative employee recognition personnel

(10 people in total)

Regional division of the Thin Plate Process Management Office of Kangyefeng Technology Quality Center

Regional division of LNG operation area of Liang Yongfei Coking Plant

Li Changli, Chief Engineer of the Technical Management Office of the Equipment Management Department

Technical Director, Medium and Heavy Plate Product Design Office, Jinlu Technology Quality Center

Dong Lihua, Supervisor of Galvanizing Operation Area at Cold Rolling Mill

Technical Supervisor of the Energy Management Office of Tang Jiewen Energy Power Plant

Meng Xianqiang, Regional Engineer of the Design Coordination Office of the Investment Budget Department

Technician in the hot rolling operation area of Wangzhuan Hot Rolling Plant

Wu Jiyu, Chief Engineer of the Refining Operation Area of the Steelmaking Plant

Technical Supervisor of the Sintering Operation Area of Mugutian Iron Refinery

Q3 2023

Self motivated and proactive employees

List of Commendation Personnel

(12 people in total)

Director of Market Development Office of Tianxiang Provincial Science and Technology Quality Center

Xia Jinian, Director of the Hot Rolling Product Research Institute of the Technology Quality Center

Yan Jinjuan, Chief Engineer of the Safety Management Office of the Safety Management Department

Director of the Performance Statistics Office of Hehua Operations Management Department

Zhang Libiao, Regional Engineer of the Production Technology Office of the Steelmaking Plant

Tan Yue Party Committee Organization Department/Human Resources Department Employee Management Office Regional Engineer

Liang Qingfeng Coking Plant Coking Operation Area Heat Adjustment Team Leader

Yang Ruijing, Chief Engineer of the Fund Management Office of the Finance Department

Wang Yanhua, Director of the Office of the Party Committee/Office of the Board of Directors/Office/Supervision and Complaint Office of the Ministry of Armed Forces

Ma Yongxi, Chief Engineer of the Logistics Management Office of the Public Welfare Department

Wu Dongsheng, Director of the Party and Government Office of the Ironmaking Plant

Deputy squad leader and regional technician for saturated steam power generation in the power generation operation area of Wang Jihu Energy Power Plant

Up and down, unite and strive together

Practicing internal skills and tapping into potential

To win the turnaround battle in the fourth quarter of the decisive battle

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