A one-stop process of "washing," "cutting," and "blowing," with an annual cost reduction of 100000 yuan


This' wash ',' cut ', and' blow 'package significantly reduces the intrusion of foreign objects into the strip steel, and significantly improves the yield.


Wang Feng, the head of the steel rolling team in the hot rolling operation area of the hot rolling plant

Proposed "Three Steps" for Self improvement

Significantly reduce the intrusion of foreign objects into the hot rolling production line

Significant improvement in the rate of judgment correction and yield

This improvement received unanimous praise from everyone

The yield and quality of steel coils are

Affected by multiple factors

Not to mention falling into something big

Just a little bit of paint falling into the rolling mill

It is possible to cause the steel coil to be misjudged or affect the finished product

Recently, the strip steel has been repainted due to equipment detachment

Foreign objects pressed in due to corrosion and falling are particularly prominent

Not only does it affect product performance

And it also increases the cold rolling cutting loss

Seriously affecting product quality and yield

In the current severe market situation, without long-term stable quality assurance, how can we talk about increasing production and creating efficiency? I need to find a way to solve this problem! "Class monitor Wang Feng looked at the consistently high change rate on the quality board and made a secret determination to solve the problem from the root.

After multiple on-site inspections

He found that the crossbeam at the entrance of the rolling mill was severely oxidized and had thick rust deposits

In the past, we used to use high-pressure water guns during downtime

Wash the rust area of the rolling mill equipment

But this is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive

Moreover, the improvement of foreign object intrusion is not significant

The problem of foreign object intrusion has become a problem that he is eager to solve

Whenever he has time, he is thinking of a solution

Until one night, when Wang Feng was on the night shift

Accidentally discovered that the mechanic was assembling the motor coupling

Watching the master first bake at high temperature and then strike with a sledgehammer

In a moment, the old coupling fell off with a snap

His spirit flashed

Hurry back to the duty room and sleep soundly

The deputy class monitor Zhang Wanlong called out

I told him what I saw and heard just now

Don't say it, this is still a good idea! "Zhang Wanlong replied.

The two hit it off at once and took the initiative to form a research team

At the meeting, Wang Feng proposed to grill first

A three-step cleaning plan with a heavy hammer and a high-pressure gun for final flushing


Loosen the thick rust on the guide and crossbeam through fire baking

Then use a sledgehammer to smash away the loose rust and dirt

Finally, use a high-pressure water gun to remove residual dirt from the equipment

Perform the final cleaning

Ensure the cleanliness of the process channel

As the maintenance ends

Wang Feng's team is on the control desk

No foreign objects were found to have been pressed into ten consecutive rolls of steel

Everyone showed a bright smile on their faces

After the three-step treatment of "washing, cutting, and blowing"

Significant reduction in foreign material intrusion into hot rolled strip production line

Significant improvement in the rate of judgment correction and yield

Expected annual cost reduction of 100000 yuan