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Zhang Shouqiang Gas Technician Studio

Faced with the current severe situation of enterprise survival, the team of Zhang Shouqiang Gas Technician Studio in the LNG operation area of the coking plant starts from reality and saves "every kilowatt hour of electricity, every drop of water, and every square meter of gas". Faced with the issue of high consumption of new water in production, team members conducted a systematic analysis of the circulating water system and developed measures to reduce the number of cooling fans, recycle backwash water, and recover clean condensate from the methane ammonia washing system. By taking these measures, the new water consumption was saved by 15t/h and the annual cost was reduced by over 420000 yuan.

After undergoing system balancing, team members comprehensively adjusted the system heat and fully utilized the reaction heat to shut down the electric heaters in the fine desulfurization and methane chemical sections. At the same time, they used waste heat to produce medium pressure steam for the pipeline network, which not only saved electricity consumption but also utilized the reaction waste heat to produce steam, creating an annual efficiency of over 2 million yuan and achieving both cost reduction and efficiency creation.

In order to solve the problem of high power consumption due to large temperature fluctuations of the process gas entering the liquefaction cold box, the team has conducted theoretical calculations and optimized the process flow. Finally, it has been decided to add a gas-liquid cooler before entering the liquefaction cold box. During the annual maintenance period, the process pipeline has been renovated. After the renovation, the temperature of the process gas is reduced through heat exchange, and the temperature of the inlet cold box is reduced from 45 ℃ to 30 ℃, which not only saves system energy consumption, At the same time, the stability of the entire production device has been improved, saving over 8 million yuan in annual electricity consumption. Studio members take reducing costs and increasing efficiency as their responsibility, continuously optimizing production operation ideas, starting from small steps, and calculating each cost reduction account.

Main control team of raw material operation area in ironmaking plant

As the unit primarily responsible for the unloading and supply of bulk raw materials for the company, the main control team in the raw material operation area plays a leading role in "horizontal coordination and vertical scheduling" in this "grain and grass defense war, seeking benefits from production organization, equipment operation, and other aspects.

To meet the optimization of ore allocation structure and in combination with the trend of ore powder market prices, some "long-term cooperative" materials were replaced by purchasing "spot goods". All spot goods were unloaded by cars at the material yard, resulting in a stacking cost of about 1.86 yuan/ton. At the same time, it brought impact to safety and environmental protection work. As the main control room of the "production brain" in the work area, it actively claimed this thorny problem from the work area.

Based on the production characteristics of the "three inputs and eight outputs" in the operation area, the team leader and team members conducted a comprehensive review of the entire raw material yard system, from the belt flow of the dump truck, North South Automobile, and dock material lines, to the feeding time nodes of sintering, blast furnace, power plant and other units. Reoptimizing the "east, middle, and west" material lines in the material yard can maximize the unloading efficiency of the BAIC receiving trough. Propose optimization measures to "stagger the flow of mineral powder (stone) and coal powder into the factory", effectively reducing the number of vehicles entering the site to participate in unloading. At the same time, develop the "BAIC Motor Material Receiving Tank Operation Plan" to make it closely linked with external resources and internal production. Through process optimization, the utilization rate of the material line has been increased from 65% to 80% at the current stage, creating a monthly economic benefit of 180000 yuan.

Refining operation area "Smart" research team

In order to further reduce the electricity consumption of the LF refining furnace, technical backbone members such as Wang Shibao and Hu Tingjun from the refining operation area of the steel plant have formed a "Keep Improving" group. They start from details, standardize operation, optimize furnace machine matching, LF refining furnace heating method, etc., to minimize electricity consumption. On the premise of ensuring quality, by conducting research on the optimization of LF refining furnace production, we aim to minimize production electricity and slag consumption, and achieve a cost reduction of 180000 yuan/month.

The "Equipment Maintenance Group" actively consulted relevant materials and combined with the actual situation of the position to complete the modification project of the high-temperature camera inside the RH top gun barrel in just 3 days, aiming to address the issues of easy blockage of the high-temperature camera observation hole in the RH refining furnace groove, poor usage effect, and high maintenance labor intensity. This completely solved the problem of easy blockage of the high-temperature camera observation hole, improved quality controllability, and reduced labor intensity. The "Independent Improvement Group" breaks the mindset and boldly innovates, constantly exploring and summarizing experience and methods in production, establishing a matching model between gas baking flow rate and production rhythm, and optimizing measures such as steel cooling time to stabilize the tank temperature at a good level, achieving a 20% year-on-year reduction in energy medium consumption.

Electrical point inspection and maintenance team

Through in-depth learning and drawing on the experience of "one person, one table" from Hubei Iron and Steel Group, the team developed measures and carried out the theme activity of "ensuring smooth operation of equipment, focusing on extreme cost reduction". The equipment indicators were compared month on month, and measures were formulated year-on-year. A regional equipment charter equipment management system was established, and the AB angle equipment management system was implemented. The theme was "I am responsible for my area, I manage my equipment", and the requirement was "go out of the duty room, bring back problem points", Implement a spot inspection incentive system to effectively ensure the stability and smooth operation of electrical equipment.

Faced with the current severe market situation, the electrical team has integrated the "strict, meticulous, and fast" work style into their work practice, using "lean management" as the carrier, vigorously carrying out independent innovation, improvement, and maintenance, accelerating the implementation of one person, one meter, and firmly establishing the idea of living a "tight life". Starting from small steps, starting from saving one degree of electricity, starting from the transformation of a lighting lamp, and through on-site improvement, We have achieved a reduction in energy conservation and consumption reduction targets for the hot rolling mill, and promoted the improvement of domestically produced spare parts. Each team member is willing to be a "small matter" in cost reduction, someone who loves to manage "idle matters" in cost reduction, and someone who dares to chew on "difficult matters" in cost reduction. This enables team members to showcase their talents, and everyone can become an example of cost reduction.

Youth Innovation Studio of "Fine Galvanization"

The "boutique galvanizing" youth innovation studio of the cold rolling mill specializes in solving on-site problems, bravely undertaking the task of improving production and quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency on the galvanizing production line, actively striving to advance, and continuously achieving new breakthroughs in high-end galvanized products. Under severe circumstances, we work hard to improve our internal skills and strive to contribute to the company's income and efficiency.

In the face of urgent and difficult insurance tasks, they firmly grasp the "nose of innovation" that leads development. In the production process, they continue to adhere to problem orientation, face difficult and hot issues directly, take the opportunity of self improvement platforms, vigorously carry out "micro innovation" actions, and fully drive all employees to do fine self maintenance work. In response to the investigation and management of quality hazards in quality inspection blind spots, we continuously optimize and adjust the standards for self maintenance of oilers, strengthen on-site personnel's learning and application, greatly improve the self maintenance ability of oilers, and effectively solve the problem of oil leakage in the oiler's oil groove. At the same time, we eliminate the risk of batch quality abnormalities brought to galvanized products.

Recently, the studio established a research group to reduce the correction rate of 275 and above thick zinc layers. In solving this "bottleneck" problem, they fully promote the spirit of youth overcoming difficulties and selfless dedication, keep a close eye on the scene, keep up with the day, and open up "bottlenecks and pain points" for the next production operation. Deeply tapping into internal potential, by improving the utilization rate of tail flick mode, reducing the length of single tail flick shear, optimizing the design of edge cutting allowance, and other measures, we continue to carry out research on the yield rate, steadily improving the process qualification rate. Since the beginning of this year, we have achieved an average load rate of over 115% on the galvanized production line, reducing costs and increasing efficiency by more than 13 million yuan. Brave to make breakthroughs, actively collaborating with the Technology Quality Center, we have successfully produced FD grade outer panels for SAIC Datong and FC grade outer panels for Yantai Yatong, and delivered them to customers. This breakthrough fills the gap in the group company's galvanized automobile outer panels and further enhances the company's high-end product market competitiveness.

Guarantee the public and auxiliary teams in the operation area

In order to reduce the consumption of new water in the medium and thick plate factory, our public and auxiliary teams have focused on the reuse of turbid environmental water. The team members have extensively discussed, brainstormed, and proposed strategies. By reusing turbid environmental water, we have saved 65% of new water consumption per hour and reduced production costs by 518 yuan Wang Fei, the leader of the public and auxiliary teams in the security operation area, excitedly introduced.

In the severe market situation, energy conservation and consumption reduction, as well as reducing production costs, are particularly prominent. To ensure that the consumption of new water in the furnace coil production line responsible for the operation area remains high, the public and auxiliary teams play a leading role and carry out ordinary innovation projects to improve the consumption of new water in the coiling furnace. Under the technical guidance of the operation area, team leader Wang Fei decided to focus on the equipment transformation of reusing turbid circulating water to replace new water, Through on-site exploration, the public and auxiliary teams have developed a technical plan to "use the turbid ring backwashing pump group in the pump station as the power source, lay a DN150 pipeline of 200 meters, and connect it with the turbid ring backwashing pump group system and the new water pipeline system, and add control valves and instruments. Through valve regulation, the flow and pressure are ensured, and the main purpose of using turbid ring water to protect the coiling furnace during shutdown is to supplement water and protect water", And implement equipment transformation.

After the renovation of the turbid water pipeline in the public and auxiliary teams, the turbid water is reused to replace the consumption of new water. The amount of new water replenished is controlled at 200 cubic meters per hour. Compared to the 630 cubic meters per hour before the renovation, this renovation alone saves 65% of new water, reduces production costs by 518 yuan per hour, and can reduce costs by about 1 million yuan per year.

Liu Liye Craftsman Innovation Studio

Master Liu, there may be oil contamination in the static pressure lubrication return oil of the first bilateral shear. This is on-site information feedback from the hydraulic maintenance unit.

In less than 10 minutes, Master Liu appeared at the static pressure lubrication oil tank of the hydraulic station, and Zhang Qingyan, a joint hydraulic contractor, checked along the return oil system. In the later period, after the normal inspection was completed, his figure could always be seen next to the No. 1 double sided shear. Taking advantage of the clearance time, sometimes he put on a disposable raincoat and entered the gallery of the static pressure lubrication return oil pipeline of the shear body. Sometimes he squatted at the static pressure lubrication cover plate and repeatedly measured the size of the return oil pipeline with a ruler. Go back to the office and find a technician to search for relevant parameters. It is inferred that the static pressure lubrication system on the moving side of the bilateral shear needs to establish a static pressure oil film to complete the overall displacement during the operation of the shear body. If the dust and oxide scale generated around the static pressure lubrication cover enter the static pressure lubrication return oil system and the fine density filter screen is not replaced in a timely manner, it will cause oil pollution and increase the consumption of spare parts for the oil tank filter element.

So, the innovation studio focused on discussing this issue internally, and the finishing innovation team actively took on this task. After a week of effort by the studio's finishing innovation team, a sketch of the auxiliary fuel tank was drawn. At this moment, everyone's faces furrowed tightly before showing a smile. This will definitely work, "Li Yanjie, as the group leader, said with some pride. The idea is to create and install an auxiliary fuel tank at the front end of the main fuel tank. The internal welded segmented partition adopts a stepped structure, layer by layer relying on self precipitation to filter out small particles of dust entering the oil return system.

After the installation of the fuel tank, observe the qualified return oil entering the main fuel tank. Everyone's worries have finally come to an end. The technical difficulties of the same industry's shearing equipment that restrict the pollution of the bilateral shearing oil system have been solved. The replacement cycle is based on the cumulative inspection of oil quality every two years. Conservative verification can extend the service life by one year, reducing the replacement of filter elements due to quality reasons, which will save the total cost of oil and spare parts by over 40000 yuan.

Huang Li Innovation Studio

'I share difficulties with the enterprise' is not just a slogan. Faced with the current severe steel situation, the Huang Li Innovation Studio team has taken practical actions, united their efforts, and continued to play the leading role of skilled talent innovation. They have made more use of the power supply centralized control operation mode, continuously improving the lean operation level of power supply equipment through big data analysis and the application of intelligent inspection robot technology, and striving to improve the cost reduction and efficiency increase indicators of the power supply system, Bringing tangible benefits to the enterprise.

The team members of Huangli Innovation Studio will closely focus on the indicators of "improving the operational stability of the power supply system" and "reducing the self consumption power loss of the power supply system", and solve on-site difficult problems by establishing five research topics, including "Research and Application of Relay Protection Setpoints in Substations" and "Online Detection and Warning of Wireless Temperature Measurement in Substations"; Through online communication with industry experts, special discussions on power supply forums, and competition in power transformation and distribution operation technology, while improving the skill level of all staff, we optimize and improve the construction of a lean operation system for the power supply system, prioritizing ensuring continuous stability, safety, and high-quality supply, and continuing to promote the construction of "lean operation, intelligent equipment, and standardized operation" in substations, Strive to continuously innovate and create efficiency for the stable power supply of the company's power system.

Power operation area analysis and testing team

As a team of women fighting on the front line of the company's water quality, water vapor, gas, and oil inspection and testing, they adhere to the concept of "high-quality development is a knockout game", firmly determined to win the survival and defense war, and determined to share hardships with the enterprise. They inspire the inspection and testing team to experience and accumulate hard strength in crises, continue to uphold the "sponge" spirit, continuously absorb and update the business capabilities of the inspection and testing team, and innovate their skills, Striving for excellence, striving to build a high-quality testing and testing service brand, committed to strengthening technological innovation and quality tackling, and striving to achieve the testing and testing work goals of "100% accuracy rate of testing results; 100% pass rate of monthly inspection quality spot checks; zero error rate of reports; zero internal quality objections within the company; and customer satisfaction above 98%". On the basis of passing CNAS certification, we strive to build a first-class quality management level laboratory in China, Further enhance the stable production and supply capacity of energy and power plants, add fuel for enterprises to overcome the cold winter, help enterprises break through the tight encirclement, and strive tirelessly for high-quality development of enterprises to "compete for the upstream and stay ahead"!

Medium thick product R&D team

High performance high-strength steel has always been a well-known variety in the company's medium and thick plate field. In 2022, it won the China Steel Association Product Development Market Development Award and the Shandong Province Single Champion Product. As the incubation unit for this steel grade, the R&D team of the Technology Quality Center's medium thickness products highlights the customer-centric service concept, adheres to focusing on efficiency creation and innovation, and seizes market opportunities.

A well-known domestic construction machinery manufacturer once urgently sought assistance with a batch of ultra-high strength structural steel plates, and the first batch of steel plates had a delivery deadline of only 10 days. The company needed to confirm on the spot whether they could supply as scheduled. If not, users could only purchase imported products at high prices in the market. At that time, the product company had not yet formed a batch supply capacity, and the normal production cycle was 30 days. The order is tight in time, heavy in task, and under great pressure. However, in order to help users solve their urgent needs, and also to enhance the company's product brand and win greater benefits, the R&D team of medium and thick plate products resolutely decided to take on this "urgent request for assistance big order". Quickly establish a customer-centric and efficient production technology service team, carry out product design as soon as possible, develop meticulous production technology solutions, and follow up and guide the entire production process on a 24-hour shift. Ultimately, the first batch of steel plates passed the inspection within 10 days, and the emergency order of 1000 tons was successfully completed. In the current extremely severe steel situation, seizing the market is seizing opportunities, seizing orders is seizing efficiency, and the R&D team of medium thick products is striving to be the pioneers of innovation and efficiency through practical actions.

Cold rolled packaging youth safety demonstration post

At present, the company is facing severe challenges. The youth safety demonstration team for cold rolling packaging will be based on their position, with the goal of "tapping potential to increase profits, reducing costs and increasing efficiency". They will play the role of young members in the cold rolling packaging production line, leading all youth members in the operating area to roll up their sleeves and work hard, sharing glory with the enterprise, and actively contributing their youth strength in all aspects. In the face of severe situations, the first thing to do is to ensure that team members abide by rules and regulations, fulfill the three questions and four inspections, constantly strengthen the warning of safety hazards at the work site, combine work process safety management and quality control, correct unsafe behaviors of on-site employees, remind everyone to develop good safety work habits, timely conduct on-site hazard investigation, and eliminate safety hazards. Actively carry out work standardization, and continuously improve the work process. Play a pioneering and exemplary role, and fully utilize the characteristic working method of "finger singing confirmation" in cold rolling packaging at Qing'an Post, implementing from eye to mouth, hand to hand, and heart to heart throughout the entire work process. The "Sharing Pioneer" Qing'an Gang team will work hand in hand with all the staff in the cold rolling packaging operation area, and share the hardships with the company.

Guard Brigade Youth Civilization

The Youth Civilization Unit of the Guard Brigade has always stood firm at the front line. The young people have not been discouraged by the arrival of the cold winter of steel, but have stood firm in their positions, acted diligently, and contributed their full strength. They will carefully inspect and implement every vehicle. As of now, the Fourth Gate Guard has investigated and dealt with 11 incidents of cargo trucks illegally bringing water into the factory, saving the company more than 100000 yuan in economic losses. The Youth Civilization Unit of the Guard Brigade will continue to actively respond to the company's policies, take the lead in cost reduction and efficiency improvement activities, start from small details, and never miss any details that can save the company. High standards, strict requirements, self pressure, will do the best work and do it to the extreme. With the spirit of competition and the courage to fight, gather strength and work together to move forward, and interpret the value concept of "iron shoulder responsibility, guarding the voyage" with practical actions.

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