Hou Jun Attends the Theme Party Day of the Party Branch in the Acid Rolling Operation Area of the Cold Rolling Mill


November 10th

Hou Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Company

Participate in the contact point party branch

The Party Branch of the Acid Rolling Operation Area of the Cold Rolling Plant of Rizhao Company

In the fourth quarter of the decisive battle, we will resolutely win the turnaround battle

Theme Party Day

Living an organizational life with everyone

Jointly Accepting the Exercise of Political Life within the Party

Accompanied by Zhang Runsheng, Liu Hongbo, and Zhang Yongqing, the party and government leaders of Rizhao Company.

The secretary of the acid rolling party branch of the cold rolling mill reported on the recent key work of the party branch and the situation of extreme production increase, cost reduction and efficiency increase activities. The party members of the branch gave discussions and speeches around the theme of "the fourth quarter of the decisive battle, resolutely winning the turnaround battle", combined with the theme education of learning and implementing the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the "Emancipating the mind, strengthening confidence, and being brave in taking responsibility and taking action" comprehensive discussion activity, and the ultimate increase in production, cost reduction, and efficiency.

Hou Jun gave high praise to this themed Party Day. He said that this event has a distinct theme, sufficient preparation, rigorous and standardized process, and a solemn and serious atmosphere, which is of great significance for party members to strengthen their party spirit, improve their quality, and improve their work style.

In response to the strict implementation of the Party's organizational and living system and the continuous improvement of the quality of Party branch construction, Hou Jun requested that,

Firstly, we must fully understand the significance of the Party's organizational life system.

Strictly implementing the Party's organizational life system is an important task for Party organizations at all levels, an important way to solve their own problems, and a fundamental guarantee for improving the quality of Party construction. It is necessary to deeply understand the scientific connotation and important role of the Party's organizational life system, adhere to and improve various systems of Party organizational life, and effectively enhance the vitality of the Party's organizational life.

Secondly, it is necessary to further clarify the procedures and standards of the Party's organizational life system.

The process of carrying out the organizational life of the Party is to strengthen ideals and beliefs, temper strong Party spirit, and strictly enforce Party discipline. It is necessary to be rigorous, meticulous, solemn, and serious, and strictly follow the meeting content and agenda to ensure the quality of organizational life. We should pay attention to the implementation of organizational life content, highlight the focus of party spirit education, closely connect with the actual situation of our branch, and determine the theme, preparation content, and design process in a targeted manner to ensure that every organizational life has practical content and receives practical results. We should innovate organizational lifestyles based on actual situations, adhere to the unity of inheritance and innovation, actively explore new ways to strengthen and improve organizational life, and inject vitality into the Party's organizational life of the times.

Thirdly, we must strengthen the education, management, and supervision of party members through serious and serious organizational activities, and purify the political ecology within the party.

Party organizations at all levels must take strict Party organizational life as the foundation of serious political life within the Party, strengthen Party awareness, adhere to problem orientation, strengthen responsibility implementation, continuously improve the quality of organizational life, and provide strong guarantees for strengthening and standardizing Party political life under the new situation and purifying the Party's political ecology.

In response to various suggestions put forward by branch party members during the discussion process on the theme party day, Zhang Runsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Rizhao Company, combined with the current steel situation, the actual development of Rizhao Company, and the next direction of work, provided detailed and detailed responses, further unifying ideas, forming a development consensus of unity in overcoming difficulties and working together for development, and consolidating development efforts.

Party members attending the meeting expressed that they will strictly implement the deployment requirements of the group company, improve their position, strengthen their confidence, unify their pace, and pay close attention to implementation. In the fourth quarter of the decisive battle, they will resolutely win the turnaround battle, and contribute to the enterprise's pursuit of the annual task goals and achieving high-quality development.