Replacement of 300000 old items


Nothing can be wasted in Liu Guodong's hands, even an idle hose can make him make money


Shift leader of the first mechanical team in the maintenance and inspection operation area of the ironmaking plant

Liu Guodong's Improvement Project

Successfully applied in production practice

Solved the production difficulties of blast furnace

After the intelligent transformation of the two blast furnace opening machines in the ironmaking plant, the encoder often malfunctions due to communication, causing the opening machines to interlock and causing the equipment to malfunction. Although multiple improvements have been made before and after, including the addition of fire-resistant cloth, fire-resistant skin, and other measures, the problem cannot be fundamentally solved. Especially during the high temperature period in summer, faults occur frequently, which in severe cases directly affect the sequence of blast furnace tapping and have a significant impact on blast furnace production.

Maintenance and inspection work area machinery first shift leader

Liu Guodong

As the person in charge of maintenance in the blast furnace area

Taking the initiative to tackle this "difficult and complex disease"

Through on-site research, he found that coded communication cables are located in high-temperature radiation areas, especially in summer when cable carbonization is more severe due to high temperatures. Previously, measures such as fire-resistant cloth and fire-resistant skin could only resist the splashing of iron slag, but could not yet prevent its carbonization. Moreover, the cable is relatively soft. When the opening machine rotates, the cable sags when it reaches its limit position, and reciprocating motion can easily cause compression, leading to frequent faults.

Understood the fault principle

So we found a solution

Liu Guodong is in the scrap warehouse

Find a metal hose with a diameter of 50 millimeters

Thread the cable out of the metal hose

Make a tee at the inlet position

Increase cooling air source

Create a temperature stable gas source in the pipeline

Then add two fixing points on the crossbeam of the opening machine

Parallel to hydraulic pipeline

Using pipe clamps for hose fixation


The metal hose effectively resists the splashing of blast furnace slag

The increased air source not only serves as a cooling effect

It also effectively prevents the entry of dust

Two blast furnaces have communication failures about 6 times a year

After improvement, it has been reduced to 0 times

Calculated based on an average of 6 replacements per year

Two blast furnaces consume 240 meters of cable

Annual maintenance cost savings of 9600 yuan through this improvement

Generate economic benefits of 300000 yuan.