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Today is the 32nd National Fire Promotion Day

The theme of "119" Fire Day is

Prevention first, life first

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November 9th is the 32nd National Fire Protection Day, with the theme of "prevention first, life first". The company's safety committee has carefully planned and issued the "2023" Fire Safety Promotion Month Activity Implementation Plan in advance, guiding all units to carry out various activities in an orderly manner.

Various units extensively carry out fire safety publicity and education activities, creating a strong fire safety atmosphere by distributing fire safety promotional brochures and holding "Fire Open Day" and other forms. During the "Fire Safety Propaganda Month" event, the company carried out a series of fire safety themed training, fire hazard investigation, fire skills competition, fire safety essay solicitation, and other activities. Taking the Fire Safety Propaganda Month event as an opportunity, it promoted the continuous attention, learning, and participation of cadres and employees in fire safety, improved fire safety awareness and ability to extinguish initial fires, strengthened the implementation of fire safety responsibilities, and comprehensively improved fire safety quality.

The coking plant closely revolves around the theme of "prevention first, life first" fire safety, strictly implements the deployment requirements of higher authorities and the company, strengthens the implementation of the main responsibility for fire safety, posts banners on site, uses advertising machines to display fire safety education videos, and uses various screens in the plant to display fire safety training PPTs, striving to create a fully covered and blind spot free fire education pattern; Each operation area will carry out targeted fire safety training through online and offline platforms such as "boutique lecture halls", WeChat groups, and pre class meetings, taking into account the production process characteristics and key fire safety areas of their own unit; The gas purification operation area organized emergency drills for on-site disposal of gas drainage leaks, and the coking operation area organized emergency drills for on-site disposal of fire accidents, effectively improving the fire safety awareness and disaster prevention and response capabilities of frontline workers.

The ironmaking plant takes the Fire Safety Promotion Month as an opportunity to carry out a series of fire safety education and training, organize and implement fire accident emergency plan drills, fire emergency skills competitions, and other activities. Utilize media platforms such as electronic screens, display boards, and WeChat to promote the theme of "prevention first, life first", comprehensively create a strong atmosphere of paying attention to fire safety work, participating in fire safety publicity actions, learning fire safety knowledge, and improving fire safety awareness and skills. On November 9th, the person in charge of the ironmaking plant presented fire safety books to various operating areas and relevant units. Volunteers from each operating area took the initiative to take up their positions and explained the severity of the fire based on common fire cases. They also provided detailed explanations on how to deal with initial fires and how to evacuate and escape.

The hot rolling mill organizes the development of the "Fire Safety Propaganda Month Activity Plan", and organizes professional backbone forces, team leaders, fire volunteers, and other forces to participate in publicity, education, and training activities, promote fire safety publicity into the work area and teams, and enhance the fire safety awareness and fire prevention response ability of frontline employees. Meng Xiangrui, the manager of the hot rolling mill, led a team to organize fire inspections of key fire protection areas, focusing on carpet type inspections of heating furnaces, electrical rooms, underground cable tunnels, hydraulic stations, desulfurization systems, and other key fire protection areas. A total of 51 fire hazards were identified, and all were rectified in accordance with the requirements of the "Five Determinations". On November 9th, the hot rolling mill organized personnel from key positions to participate in the company's "Fire Promotion Day" activity, further familiarizing themselves with the functions of various fire equipment and facilities, as well as fire safety knowledge such as initial fire disposal and evacuation, and establishing a strong force in fire safety management for each position.

The cold rolling mill organized personnel to participate in the company's "Fire Brigade Open Day" activity, focusing on promoting fire safety, consulting, showcasing fire equipment, and demonstrating the use of fire extinguishing equipment. Through this activity, employees will have a better understanding of the types and usage methods of fire extinguishing equipment, participate in the company's fire safety knowledge training, focus on learning fire prevention, initial fire disposal, and the "four understandings and four skills" of fire safety, etc., in order to enhance their ability to respond to emergencies and comprehensively improve their fire safety awareness and skills.

The medium and thick plate factory organizes employees to participate in the company's fire equipment display, special lectures, enhance confidence, and gather strength. Organize the operation area and relevant units to conduct fire emergency evacuation drills in multiple places such as the quality assurance building and maintenance building, to improve employees' fire emergency response ability and ensure that they do not panic and evacuate and rescue in an orderly manner. Electronic horizontal and large screens are displayed throughout the factory area to create a strong atmosphere by displaying fire safety slogans and warning videos.

On November 9th, the Volunteer Service Team of the Energy Power Plant carried out the "119" Fire Protection Day publicity activity in the 1 # parking lot. Through the distribution of promotional materials, the team focused on promoting knowledge such as the use of fire equipment, the four understandings and four skills in fire protection, gas fire accidents, and electrical fire accident prevention, effectively improving the fire safety awareness and self-protection and self rescue ability of employees in the position.

The Science and Technology Quality Center organized frontline employees to conduct a fire rescue drill in the raw material smelting analysis operation area. Under the command of on-site safety personnel, on-site escape and rescue drills were conducted from four stages: fire alarm, emergency firefighting, personnel evacuation, and rescue and escape. The on-site fire specialist demonstrated the use of fire extinguishers and the operation method of quickly connecting water hoses to discharge water, and provided a detailed explanation of professional emergency rescue techniques and knowledge of fire equipment identification. This exercise effectively improved the emergency response ability of employees and was well received by them.

The Human Resources Reserve Development Center organized employees to participate in the "Fire Brigade Open Day" event held by the company at the fire station, where they watched a demonstration of the "single trunk and double outlet" skills of full-time firefighters, a demonstration of the internal affairs of full-time firefighters, and centralized fire training. Through this event, the shared employees' "four understandings and four abilities" in fire safety were further consolidated and strengthened.

Enhance safety awareness

Improve self-protection and self-help capabilities

Assist the company in stable and smooth production