Certified, Next City in the Middle East Market



Company 9.5-25.4mm specifications


Acid resistant pipeline medium thick steel plate successfully passed

AGPC UAE Pipe Factory Certification License

Marks the company's acquisition

Qualification for supplying AGPC

To develop acid resistant pipeline steel

The international market has laid the foundation

To complete

R&D certification of this product

Science and Technology Quality Center/Iron and Steel Research Institute

Product R&D personnel

United Nations Trade Corporation forms an integrated production, sales, and research team

Carefully identify the information provided by AGPC UAE pipe factory

Product technical requirements

Complete technical standard confirmation with the other party

Fully demonstrate according to third-party certification requirements

Quality assurance capability of the company

Rapid response from technical team

After organizing and completing basic laboratory research

Timely conduct industrial trial production

The smelting process adopts ultra-low sulfur control technology

Effectively controlling sulfur content

Provide guarantee for HIC and SSC resistance performance

Utilizing the advantages of dual line rolling process

On the 4300mm and 3500mm production lines

Simultaneous rolling production

Effectively ensuring 9.5mm and 25.4mm

Rolling process control for extreme certification specifications

Under the close cooperation of the production, sales, and research teams

steel plate

The transverse and longitudinal yield strength shall not be less than 450MPa

-15 ℃ low-temperature drop hammer shear area not less than 85%

HIC resistance and SSC resistance performance

Meet technical standard requirements

Product quality acquisition

AGPC UAE Pipe Factory Fully Confirms

Successfully passed certification license

This time

Successful certification of acid resistant pipeline steel


New Breakthrough in Steel Grade of Medium Thick Steel Plate for Acid Resistant Pipeline

Optimizing the Structure of Medium and Heavy Plate Products

Laying a solid foundation

Will further enhance the company

International market influence of acid resistant pipeline steel plate