Rizhao Iron and Steel Group organizes red education activities


On November 4th, Rizhao Iron and Steel Group organized party members to carry out red education activities at the Shandong Yuanshan Hardwork Entrepreneurship Memorial Hall and Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall, with over 30 party members from various units and government agencies participating.

At the Shandong Yuanshan Hardwork Entrepreneurship Memorial Hall, all party members reviewed the more than 60 years of arduous entrepreneurship at Yuanshan Forest Farm by listening to on-site explanations, watching models, literature, video materials, and other means. They truly felt the precious spirit of generations of forest rangers who were fearless of hardship, daring to take responsibility, innovative and pragmatic, as well as the Yuanshan spirit of "being particularly capable of enduring hardship, fighting, enduring, and dedicating".

Later, everyone came to the party spirit experience hall to carry out party history study and party spirit physical examination, sing the international song together, learn party history knowledge, watch the special film of party spirit education, and deeply understand the history of the CPC from germination to establishment, from breeding to birth for more than 100 years, which inspired all party members to not forget their original intention, forge ahead, remember their mission, and strive tirelessly.

At the Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall, through the commentator's explanation, everyone gained a deep understanding of Comrade Jiao Yulu's brief and extraordinary life journey, looked up at his relics and pictures of work and life during his lifetime, and listened attentively to Comrade Jiao Yulu's advanced deeds of "being close to the people, loving the people, striving hard, seeking truth from science, facing difficulties, and selfless dedication".

After the visit, all party members solemnly swore to the party flag and reviewed the oath of joining the party.