Win the battle of turning over in the fourth quarter of the decisive battle, the horn blows, and the whole army launches an attack!


coking plant

Liang Wenlei

Positive pressure shift leader in gas purification operation area

Faced with the current severe market situation, we must not retreat. We need to continuously improve our skills and grow ourselves through learning, training, and practice. As a team leader, improve your team collaboration skills, actively communicate, strengthen collaboration and cooperation with team members, and complete various production tasks and indicators with high quality, efficiency, and standards. In daily work, we should not miss any energy-saving and consumption reducing approach, and save costs for the company by saving auxiliary materials, reducing water, electricity, and steam consumption, etc. Strengthen safety management in daily work, actively implement self improvement work, continuously optimize production processes, improve production efficiency, strengthen equipment maintenance and management, and continuously strive to win the survival and defense war.

Tian Xumeng

Production team leader of coking operation area

As an ordinary frontline employee, we should start from ourselves, start from small things, and be meticulous in every aspect. By closely adhering to operational standardization, ensuring zero human accidents during operation and ensuring safe and smooth operation in the fourth quarter; Strengthen the on-site inspection of equipment in this area by personnel, and reduce the failure rate of equipment. On the premise of ensuring production, optimize equipment operation mode, reduce equipment operation, strengthen the management and improvement of leakage in the area, and eliminate all resource waste. Strengthen the cleaning work of the coke oven side furnace door to ensure a smoke-free rate of the furnace door. We are all members of the corporate family, everyone pays attention to reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and everyone puts forward innovation and improvement. We are sure to win the final victory.

Iron making plant

Huang Xiujun

Leader of the coal injection team in the support operation area of the ironmaking plant

As a team leader on the production front line, I will focus on the coal injection position and lead team members to complete production tasks with high quality. Firstly, I will continue to focus on two key production indicators during production. During the coal powder preparation operation, the coal powder qualification rate should be controlled at over 70%, and the blast furnace coal injection operation should be stable and uniform. The injection qualification error should be below 5%/h. Secondly, I will continue to do a good job in self-improvement and promptly rectify any problems found, Strengthen daily equipment inspection work, combine learning accident cases, analyze the causes of accidents, draw inferences from each other, prevent accidents from happening again in work, and ensure the stable and smooth operation of equipment.

Jia Kaizhen

Maintenance and inspection work area employees

I firmly focus on professional equipment inspection based on my position, move the checkpoint forward, promptly identify potential equipment hazards, strictly follow the principle of inspection before maintenance, conduct static inspections, inspect hidden parts, and confirm equipment status. I refine the work according to the area I belong to, carefully inspect and confirm hidden parts, carefully dismantle and inspect mechanical transmission parts, confirm vulnerable parts such as coupling pins, and check the wear of all fan blades Check the oil level and sample of the reducer coupler in place to ensure stable operation of the equipment within a maintenance cycle.

Zhang Weiliang

Guarantee the raw material workers of blast furnace in the operation area

The smooth operation of equipment is an important guarantee for blast furnace production. As a frontline worker, on the one hand, we must strictly inspect each equipment according to the operating procedures in our daily work, without neglecting any details. On the other hand, we must constantly improve our technical and theoretical level, expand our skills, adhere to learning while doing, and constantly improve and consolidate our operational skills. After completing a task, one can reflect on the work, promptly follow up and improve on areas where they have not been done properly or not enough. They can think and use their brains around production, process, and equipment, improve equipment performance through innovation, solve obstacles that hinder production, and provide protection for the smooth operation of the blast furnace.

Li Xin

Production support operation area technician

As a equipment management technician in the work area, I believe that fully dedicating oneself to the work is the key to winning the turnaround battle. In the next steps of work, I will play a leading role, strive to improve my equipment management level, rely on the front line every day, pay attention to the operation status of equipment, use lean methods to discover and solve problems, and strive to achieve zero equipment failure; In the process of equipment maintenance, meticulous attention should be paid to maintaining high standards of maintenance quality. While ensuring maintenance quality, the maintenance time should be minimized to minimize the impact on production caused by excessive maintenance time; Pay attention to comrades around you, promptly help them solve problems that arise in their work, and work together to improve their professional skills, laying a solid foundation for winning this tough battle.

steel mill

Wang Jun

Chief of the third shift of converter C in the steelmaking operation area

Never bow in front of difficulties, and dare to break through indicators is the confidence and courage of steelmakers to overcome crises. We have a responsibility to defend our land and fulfill our duties. In the new situation, new tasks, and new requirements, we should firmly establish a sense of "taking responsibility and protecting our home", turn the mirror towards ourselves, overcome skill panic, adhere to problem orientation, change our thinking and actions, and use "the strongest attention, the most precise operation, and the strongest responsible person" to ensure production stability, reduce equipment failures, implement various tasks solidly, and promote the improvement of various indicators. Focusing on the goal of "ultimate increase in production, cost reduction, and efficiency", we will continue to play the role of various benefit models, timely calculate the benefits of scrap steel, alloy, and iron containing auxiliary materials, fully reduce the consumption of steel materials in the converter process, and contribute to the company's victory in the "decisive fourth quarter and turnaround battle".

Hot rolling plant

Dong Qintao

Electrical team leader in maintenance and inspection operation area

As a grassroots team leader, we must strictly implement the deployment of the company and the hot rolling mill into action. If this job is done solidly, it means productivity, if it is strengthened, it means competitiveness, and if it is done meticulously, it means cohesion. Always prioritize the goal of "efficient, high-quality, and low consumption" equipment management to ensure stable and smooth production. With the goal of "ultimate cost reduction and efficiency improvement", the "one person, one meter" racing mechanism will be applied to energy-saving research work, and equipment on-site diagnosis and analysis will be continuously carried out. Research and application of variable frequency energy-saving in dust removal fans will be carried out, and joint efforts will be made to promote research and improve the energy consumption management level of hot rolling plants. We will solidly promote the construction of a "learning team", integrate the "strict, honest, meticulous, and fast" work style into our work practice, use lean management as the carrier, bravely benchmark against the industry's "high, precise, and cutting-edge" standards, be good at goal orientation, and dare to challenge the limits, in order to achieve the ultimate drive, perseverance, and resilience to stabilize production, tap potential, and improve performance, and ensure the stable operation of equipment.

Zhao Shilong

Senior technician in hot rolling operation area

As a frontline production operator, we should base ourselves on our position, prioritize practical work, continuously innovate, and pursue excellence. Faced with the current severe market situation, it is necessary to work together from top to bottom, focusing on the ultimate cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and quality improvement in the job position. Based on the requirements of different steel grades and specifications, the head and tail cutting parameters of the flying shear must be optimized and controlled to ensure an increase in yield. Keep a close eye on the production and rolling rhythm of the production line, optimize and control the production process parameters of various steel grades, ensure the stability and qualification rate of production, continuously improve the level of operational skills, enhance team collaboration ability, control every key control parameter of the production line, safeguard every product quality gate, and vow to roll every steel coil into high-quality hot rolled coils.


Production Technology Office Supervisor

As a frontline technical personnel, I will closely focus on the theme of the company's ultimate quality improvement and efficiency enhancement, comprehensively drive product quality improvement through technological innovation, benchmark industry benchmark enterprises, broaden my thinking, and deeply cultivate the quality improvement of hot rolled products with a pragmatic and resolute style, helping to build a "quality hot rolled" quality brand, and contributing to the company's hot rolled products winning the market with quality. Conduct research on rapid transition rolling technology for product specifications, lead the research on comprehensive diagnosis of rolling line status, optimization of roll shape configuration, optimization of control models, and optimization of rolling plans. Establish a technical system to achieve rapid transition rolling of product specifications, continuously improve the accuracy of rolling force setting and model accuracy of correction factors related to rebound equations to improve the rolling stability of key varieties, Strengthen data analysis and feature value extraction, optimize short-term self-learning between rolls and long-term self-learning between batches, and improve the accuracy of transition roll product control.

Cold rolling mill

Xue Kun

Technician in the security operation area

The company is facing fierce competition and complex situations. As a grassroots technician, one should always maintain firm confidence and a positive attitude, and conscientiously fulfill their responsibilities and obligations. Take independent innovation as the core in work, always maintain a sense of independent innovation, continuously improve and optimize existing processes and technologies, and improve production efficiency and product quality; Using indicator decomposition as a means, clarify the various indicators that will be decomposed into each link, position, and personnel, clarify one's own responsibilities and goals, better promote the implementation of work, and form a work loop; With the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, by analyzing the production process, identifying existing problems, proposing improvement measures, and conducting technological innovation, we aim to save costs, improve resource utilization, reduce production costs, and achieve maximum efficiency for the enterprise.

Li Xinwei

Technical supervisor of galvanizing operation area

In accordance with the requirements of the ultimate production increase in the cold rolling mill, we will ensure the stable operation of the galvanizing unit equipment, ensure zero faults in the unit operation, strive to eliminate equipment problems, and ensure zero accidents in product quality. Focus on the welding of high-strength steel, do a good job in controlling the accuracy of narrow lap welding machines, guide and supervise the standardized operation of daily maintenance of welding machines. Reasonably arrange maintenance plans to ensure periodic maintenance of each equipment and ensure a 100% completion rate of maintenance. Actively participate in the work of sweeping away floating wealth and repairing old and waste materials, ensure the reasonable disposal of each offline spare part, actively learn spare parts repair methods, and proactively identify optimization points for spare parts costs.

Dong Pengda

Continuous retirement of employees in the work area

As a frontline production worker, I will firmly adhere to the concept of "all costs can be reduced, and everyone can reduce costs". I will closely monitor the edge cutting situation of the disc shear and the cutting loss of the head and tail at all times, reducing cutting waste and strictly ensuring the yield while ensuring the completion of customer requirements. Adhere to the idea of "facing difficulties and facing them head-on", firmly adhere to the principle of "standing on the front line and working on the front line", do not ask for leave in special circumstances, and proactively take the initiative when colleagues have urgent matters at home to ensure the smooth operation of the production line. At the same time, I will definitely make good use of the platform built by the company, actively contribute ideas and suggestions, propose practical and feasible rationalization suggestions, and solve various problems encountered on site. In addition to daily work, search for improvement points that can improve efficiency and save costs, such as self-made disc shear tool replacement, replacing damaged screws to repair hydraulic nuts, effectively achieving potential tapping, cost reduction, and increased efficiency.

Medium thick plate factory

Yuan Xiandong

Captain of the Fourth Squad in the Thick Plate Finishing Operation Area

As a team leader at the grassroots level in the steel industry, I must stand up and lead the team members to better and efficiently complete the current production tasks in the face of difficulties. Firstly, it is necessary to do a good job in cost reduction, and make reasonable use of single line cutting according to the production plan during the production process to reduce power loss. It is strictly prohibited to idle the roller table and resolutely prevent empty consumption behavior. Secondly, it is necessary to control the dimensional accuracy of the shear steel plate, control the size of the scale, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

Wei Qiang

Shift leader of heating furnace B in the hot rolling operation area of thick plates

Our team took the initiative to plan actions, and the "I am the first to increase production to the extreme" post meritorious activity was vigorously carried out within the team. In response to the "big problem" of the inability to keep up with the production line's demand for steel and the inability of the slab to pass through the steel laser detection point in a timely manner, which restricts the increase in production, we have established a special task force to improve production and efficiency. Through careful and meticulous sorting, we have found that optimizing the steel installation program has a "trick" in improving production rhythm. After preliminary calculation, the production line's output has steadily increased after optimization, and the effect is extremely significant. Our team will further unify our thinking and cohesion, persistently focus on key tasks, focus on key links, and lay a solid foundation for successfully completing the annual target tasks.

Liu Liye

Equipment inspector in the thick plate finishing operation area

As an equipment inspection personnel, I want to achieve efficient integration with online maintenance units and collaborate with various hydraulic and electrical specialties. Under the initiative of "controlled cooling bed, alternating shutdown of the first and second shear lines", every maintenance and defect elimination plan project is implemented to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the equipment. We need to refine the equipment cutting accuracy, decompose it one by one, and develop specific measures based on the decisive fourth quarter goals set for the work area. At present, the trimming shear has been adjusted to meet the 6-8 ㎜ steel plate cutting task. After the single cylinder of the No. 1 double side shear pull back device was changed into double cylinders, the unstable gap between the cutting edges during the cutting process was effectively solved. In the future, we will combine the tracking of the assembly quality of the cutting edge to further control the reduction of the longitudinal gross width during shearing, and strive to further improve the steel plate yield.

Energy Power Plant

Yu Hamp

Leader of the sewage treatment team in the water treatment operation area

As a frontline backbone, I am well aware of the significant responsibility. I will lead the team members to base themselves on the actual situation of their positions, clarify their goals and tasks, set an example, and take the lead in charging. We have developed a reasonable production plan, clarified the division of responsibilities, and ensured production progress and quality. At the same time, strengthen communication and coordination among team members to form a united and collaborative work atmosphere. By conducting skill training, on-site guidance, and other methods, the professional level of team members can be improved, providing strong support for completing work tasks. In order to fully leverage the role of job workers, we will carry out various forms of safety education and training activities to improve employees' safety awareness and skill levels. At the same time, strengthen on-site inspections and supervision, timely identify and rectify safety hazards, and ensure production safety.

Tang Jiewen

Technical Director of Energy Management Office

As a technician, I need to constantly learn and improve my technical skills through training, benchmarking communication, experience sharing, and other means. Establish a professional foundation and do a good job in minimizing costs, tapping potential, and increasing efficiency. For cost indicators, accurate calculations should be made based on the current steel production volume to ensure that the cost is fully utilized. Conduct technical research with the team around the water system balance work under the ultimate production increase, adjust the product water supply mode of new water plants, sewage treatment plants, and seawater desalination plants based on the current process of increasing the amount of new water and desalinated water after production, and do a good job in water system balance work. On the other hand, it is necessary to increase the amount of water discharged after the current process, optimize the operation mode of the sewage treatment plant, improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment, reduce the amount of wastewater, and ensure the balance of wastewater.

Ren Jianyong

Leader of the dry quenching power generation team in the power generation operation area

In the fourth quarter, all staff of CDQ power generation will deepen benchmarking and find differences, focus on key indicators, stimulate internal motivation for all staff, firmly establish the concept of "everyone needs to reduce costs", do their job well, fight for the fourth quarter, gather together to complete the power generation task goal, and resolutely win the turnaround battle. The team strictly controls various process parameters through lean operation, adjusts the circulating water flow rate, changes the frequency conversion circulating water pump to power frequency operation, and reasonably adjusts the number of mechanical fans to maintain the unit operating under optimal conditions, ultimately improving power generation, pragmatic and efficient, overcoming difficulties, precise and precise, and doing more with less talk and more work. The production rhythm is adjusted in a timely manner, with standardization and strict assessment, and multiple efforts to promote various work to a new level.

Zhang Detian

Power operation area supervisor technician

Faced with the extremely severe situation in the current steel industry and the daunting challenges faced by the company's production and operation, we also have no way out. We can only build an unbreakable steel fortress with confidence and practical work together. As a member of the company's energy supply guarantee front, we should think and strive to achieve the same goal. No matter how severe the challenges we face, we must anchor the central task of "lean supply guarantee", strengthen our confidence in victory, concentrate our efforts on doing our own things well, and there are no impossible things or obstacles that cannot be overcome. We strive to deliver an excellent "answer sheet" with excellent results.

Technology Quality Center

Zhang Hui

Panel inspection operation area monitor

As the chief squad leader of the sheet inspection operation area of the Technology Quality Center, physical performance inspection is my responsibility. I will resolutely implement the company's work deployment of "decisive battle in the fourth quarter, winning the turnaround battle", strive to improve the quality and inspection efficiency of sample processing, and ensure the orderly progress of high-quality processing and inspection tasks. I will inspire the morale of my team members, firmly adhere to the principle of "six clear understandings and six solid trees", and spare no effort to ensure the smooth progress of the inspection task. I will further play the leading role of the team leader, organize everyone to carry out standardized operation training, strengthen the professional quality of employees, and improve their professional skills. In practical operation, adhere to efficient processing and precise inspection to ensure the smooth completion of processing and inspection tasks. Strictly implement the construction of team safety standardization, adhere to activities such as five minutes before work, hidden danger investigation, and behavior observation, and use multiple methods simultaneously to fully improve the safety protection awareness and safety operation skills of team employees, ensure their safe operation and production, and spare no effort to "win the turnaround battle in the fourth quarter"!


Technician of raw material smelting analysis operation area

As the inspection unit for incoming raw materials and fuels, we will strictly "check" and scientifically "inspect" to provide strong support for the company to win the turnaround battle. Testing is a key link in safeguarding the quality of outsourced raw materials and fuels. Each of us will bear in mind our mission, strictly control them, share the same breath and fate with the enterprise, and do our best to win this battle. One is to improve testing standards, proactively benchmark advanced technologies and standards at home and abroad, further improve the accuracy and consistency of testing, ensure the authenticity and reliability of each test result, and provide scientific data support for production. The second is to improve work efficiency, optimize the inspection and testing process, reduce ineffective working hours, ensure rapid response to production needs, and save time and reduce costs to ensure production. The third is to work closely with the production department to provide real-time feedback on the test results and ensure smooth production.

Human Resources Reserve Development Center/Security Department

Lv Jun

Truck unloading team leader in the unloading support operation area

Currently, enterprises are facing difficulties. Firstly, we need to maintain a positive attitude, firm confidence, and fully devote ourselves to our work. Secondly, continuously explore new processes and technologies, continuously improve existing technologies and management, in order to achieve the goal of improving efficiency and reducing costs. At the same time, in daily work, we need to pay attention to details, start small, save costs, improve resource utilization, reduce waste and unnecessary expenses, and contribute to the stable development of the enterprise. In the future, I will strictly demand myself and the team to ensure punctuality, discipline, and responsibility in my work, and make my own contribution to winning the turnaround battle for the company.

Zhu Xuegang

Leader of the dumper team in the unloading support operation area

As a frontline employee in the unloading support operation area, facing the current severe situation, we need to strengthen our confidence, gather the decisive spirit of the dumper team, and fully devote ourselves to our work. Continuously strengthen on-site management, strengthen safety education and training for operators, and standardize operation standards. And continuously improve the working environment during the tipping process by adding electric vibrations to the grate, thereby reducing the labor intensity of manual cleaning of the grate, and continuously improving the safety during operation. Add baffles to some parts of the car dumper to reduce material leakage, reduce the accumulation of materials on the platform around the grate, and add sunshades and awnings outside the factory to continuously improve the working environment in the area. By continuously optimizing and improving work procedures, we aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and resolutely achieve our goals.

We need to establish a strong sense of ownership

Actively respond to the deployment arrangements of the enterprise

Eliminate obstacles, difficulties, and pain points in the position

As a direction for improving innovation

Maintain a good state of daring to charge

Focusing on ultimate production improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement

Structural optimization, cost reduction, etc

Key links to carry out work

As long as we

Integrate various tasks in the position

To the extreme

We will definitely win this turnaround battle