The combination of "dual machines" and "dry wet" mixing saves over 70000 yuan in operation


This' dual machine combination reclaiming method 'not only improves the quality of the incoming lump ore, but also fully guarantees the screening requirements, which is truly a' double shot '. Recently, an operation method proposed by Li Zaizhi, the chief monitor of the main control room in the raw material operation area of an ironmaking plant, has been applied in production and has achieved practical results.

Block ore "as a high-grade ore that can be directly fed into the furnace

It is the material foundation of blast furnace smelting

Simultaneously high-quality "lump ore"

It is the basic guarantee for stable and smooth operation of the blast furnace


At present, the bulk ore is mainly stored in the leaky storage yard at the port. Due to the influence of rainy season rainfall, some of the bulk ore is soaked in rainwater, and the soaked bulk ore material is humid and difficult to obtain and screen. These "two difficulties" are in front of the "old raw material person" Li Zaizhi.

Li Zaizhi, who has many years of work experience, began to tackle the problem. He combined the distribution of cargo spaces in the material yard and placed the block ore soaked in rainwater separately, hoping to solve these "two difficulties" by mixing them evenly through "dry and wet" methods.

After having this idea, he explored the extraction flow rate based on the screening effect of the block ore in the early stage, and determined that the dry material should be used at a flow rate of 500t/h and the wet material should be used at a flow rate of 300t/h. After verifying the flow data, he adjusted the expansion head of the belt conveyor to evenly drop the "dry and wet" block ore carried by two different belts onto a downstream belt.

Final implementation

Simultaneous use of two reclaimers

This innovative operation method of "dry and wet" lump ore

After the application of the "dual machine combination material retrieval method" in the production process

On the premise of ensuring screening quality and material properties

Effectively digested 41000 tons of block ore soaked in rainwater

Reduced over 76000 yuan in equipment and air spreading expenses

Simultaneously overcoming the difficulty of balancing the supply and retrieval of the stacker reclaimer