They sent a banner and praised repeatedly, "The Rizhao Iron Man has great love!”


Thank you to all the cadres and employees in the operation area for generously providing assistance when our employees are facing difficulties! Rizhao Iron Man has great love!

We are a family, we must have firm confidence, the sunshine always comes after the wind and rain.


One side is given as a gift by relevant parties of the company, with the words'

The banner of "Da Ai Raw Materials, Love Dongxing"

Delivery to the raw material operation area of the ironmaking plant

In the hands of Party Branch Secretary Xue Zan

Behind the banner

A story of caring assistance has also spread in the factory

Early October

A "water drop fundraising" message on Moments

Caught the attention of Secretary Xue

Yangzhou Dongxing Rubber is the one seeking help from Shuidiqian

Chen Lei, an employee of the Steel Project Department stationed in Rizhao, Co., Ltd

His daughter, who is only 10 years old

Diagnosed at the hospital as having "systemic lupus erythematosus"

And with serious complications

The child's condition is very serious and urgently requires anti infection treatment

The treatment fee needs to be at least 500000 yuan or more

Faced with expensive medical expenses

Putting the couple, who were already living in poverty, into a desperate situation

After seeing the news of Shuidi Chiao

Secretary Xue's heart has been restless for a long time

Although it does not belong to a unit

But this young man has always been in charge

The belt conveyor maintenance in the raw material operation area is diligent and diligent in work

There is work coordination with many employees in the work area

Faced with Xiao Chen's difficulties

Secretary Xue conceived the idea of 'helping'

He sent the message to the work group

Immediately received a positive response from the employees

Xue Zan, Secretary of the Party Branch, and Xu Guicheng, Director of the Work Area

The first leader donated 300 yuan

The team leader in the work area also released the "Love Initiative" to the team group separately

A relay race of love quickly unfolds

In just 48 hours

Cadres and employees in the operation area pass through

Both online and offline channels

Accumulated donation of 3978 yuan

That afternoon

Xue Zan will immediately

Send the love money to Chen Lei's hands

Chen Lei couldn't conceal his gratitude

Expressing willingness to work together with the child

Bravely Overcome Illness

Accompanying my daughter during hospitalization

Chen Lei made a banner

Entrust the person in charge of their own unit

Sent to the raw material operation area

To express the gratitude of the whole family