Warm the people and benefit farmers, allowing sunshine to feel the "heat" of steel


The company actively fulfills its obligations

Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrating enterprise development with local economic and social development

Focus on building and fulfilling social responsibilities

A new pattern of two-way empowerment with the healthy development of enterprises

Initiate the integrated utilization of waste heat for people's livelihood and fisheries

Comprehensive Smart Energy Project

For the company's nearest Donggang District in Rizhao City

Provide heat source for centralized heating of urban buildings in Taoluo Town

And meet the requirements of water insulation and heating for major marine aquaculture households

Warm the people and benefit farmers, allowing sunshine to feel the "heat" of steel

Fully utilize the waste heat generated during the production process

Effectively utilize a large amount of waste heat

Can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

It can also bring good economic benefits to the enterprise

Get more with one move

At the construction site of steam heat exchange stations on both sides of the company's iron and steel road

The construction personnel are busy with civil engineering work


Key energy-saving and emission reduction circular economy projects in 2023

Integrated utilization of waste heat for people's livelihood and fisheries as a comprehensive smart energy source

The project is under intense and busy construction

Nuanmin Huinong Project


Build 11 waste heat resource stations, 1 initial station, and 1 steam heat exchange station in the factory area. By extracting low-quality waste heat from the production process, such as process circulating water and flue gas, hot water is generated and collected at the initial station before being sent to the heating main line. This provides a heat source for the centralized heating of the company's nearby urban buildings in Taoluo Town and meets the water insulation heating needs of the main marine aquaculture households in Taoluo Town, covering 217000 square meters of nearby residential areas and nearly 2000 households.

Energy conservation and emission reduction

Significant benefits

The project is expected to generate nearly 2 million gigawatts of heat per year for external heating, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70000 tons, reduce pollutants by over 500 tons, and save more than 60 million tons of groundwater resources consumed by marine breeding heat pumps, effectively promoting regional environmental improvement.

This project belongs to the Rizhao City Warm People, Benefiting Farmers and Livelihood Project, which is an important measure to implement the development path of "enriching the country by the sea, strengthening the country by the sea, promoting harmony and win-win cooperation between the people and the sea, and accelerating the construction of a strong maritime country with Chinese characteristics". It is in line with the "Shandong Province Winter Clean and Warm Plan (2018-2022)", the "Rizhao City 14th Five Year Plan for Ecological Environment Protection", and the "Rizhao City Urban Heating Development Plan", At the same time, we will assist in achieving the strategic goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".

After the project is put into use

Will achieve social benefits

environmental benefit

economic benefits

Double win, multi win, and win-win situation

Play a role in energy conservation, consumption reduction, and emission reduction

Important supporting role

Assist in industrial transformation and upgrading

Achieving high-quality development

Further demonstrate the responsibility of state-owned enterprises

Improve corporate reputation


Expected pre heating season

Preliminary completion and gradually put into use

To cooperate with the steady progress of the project

The company has transferred technical backbone to establish a project management team

Responsible for comprehensive supervision and management of the project

Ensure project safety, quality, economy, and on-time operation