The company held a collective learning (expansion) meeting for the theoretical center group of the party committee and a theme education reading class exchange meeting


November 1st

The company held a theoretical center group of the party committee

Collective Learning (Expansion) Conference and Theme Education

Reading class exchange meeting


"Correctly understand and vigorously promote Chinese path to modernization"


Conduct the third centralized learning and exchange seminar

Company party and government leaders Zhang Runsheng, Yang Jinguang, Liu Hongbo, Qin Libin, Xie Yingxiu, and Zhang Yongqing participated in the study, and some management level 6 and above personnel participated in the study

Zhang Runsheng expressed that

First, we should improve our political standing, and deeply understand and accurately grasp the connotation and essence of the theory of Chinese path to modernization.

The fundamental nature of Chinese path to modernization is the socialist modernization led by the CPC. The distinctive features are modernization with a huge population, modernization with common prosperity for all people, modernization with a coordinated material and spiritual civilization, modernization with harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, and modernization with a path of peaceful development. The essential requirement is to adhere to the leadership of the CPC, adhere to socialism with Chinese characteristics, achieve high-quality development, develop people's democracy throughout the process, enrich the people's spiritual world, achieve common prosperity for all people, promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind, and create a new form of human civilization. Promoting Chinese path to modernization is a systematic project. It is necessary to correctly handle the relationship between top-level design and practical exploration, between strategy and strategy, between integrity and innovation, between efficiency and fairness, between vitality and order, and between self-reliance and opening-up.

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China comprehensively, systematically and completely elaborated the theory and practice of Chinese path to modernization. We should deeply study the profound connotation of this theory, deeply understand the significance of this theory, accurately grasp the core essence of this theory, and resolutely implement the practical requirements of this theory.

We should combine the study and implementation of the theory of Chinese path to modernization with the study and implementation of the important statements on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the Party building, and the important instructions and requirements for Shandong work, and combine with the actual reform and development of enterprises. We should read the original work, learn the original text, understand the principles, constantly transform the subjective world, improve the ideological realm, constantly transform the objective world, and promote career development.

Second, we need to improve the quality of development and contribute more steel power to Chinese path to modernization.

We must unwaveringly adhere to and strengthen the leadership of the Party. Party organizations at all levels should closely focus on the overall requirements of party building in state-owned enterprises in the new era, fully leverage the leadership and political core role of party organizations in state-owned enterprises, continuously improve and deepen the "Party Building Leadership" project, and effectively transform the political advantages of the party into high-quality development advantages of the company.

Efforts should be made to improve the profitability of the enterprise. Each unit should adhere to the work philosophy of "maximizing production increase, cost reduction, and efficiency increase, and maximizing the price difference between purchase and sales", focusing on both ends and controlling the middle, and cultivating a strong sense of determination to achieve the ultimate goal, the confidence to move to the forefront, the courage to overcome crises, the morale to unite as one, and the courage to overcome difficulties.

We need to accelerate the achievement of new breakthroughs in technological innovation. Fully leverage the technological, talent, and policy advantages of high-tech enterprises, focus on unique and leading product research and development, intelligent manufacturing upgrades, and deepen cooperation with universities and research institutes to accelerate the formation of a batch of original and leading scientific and technological achievements; Adhere to the "boutique" strategy, further strengthen comprehensive quality management, promote quality change and innovation, continuously optimize consistent quality design based on user needs, improve the level of intelligent quality control, deeply promote "brand delivery" activities, provide customized QCDVS services for users, and continuously improve brand reputation and user loyalty.

We need to maintain a high level of green and low-carbon development. We must firmly follow the path of green and low-carbon transformation and development, establish a solid bottom line thinking, fully learn and draw on the green and low-carbon work ideas and advanced methods of leading enterprises, accelerate the exploration of an environmental protection work system that is in line with our own development, and make positive contributions to achieving the "dual carbon" goal.

We must firmly adhere to the bottom line in safety production. Leaders and cadres at all levels should focus on safety production with a sense of responsibility that they cannot rest assured of at all times, further enhance the "three one" safety awareness of "making way for safety, no loss, no veto", strengthen standardized operations and equipment inspection and maintenance, and implement the responsibilities, measures, and requirements of safety production in detail.

Third, we should shoulder social responsibilities and highlight the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in the process of promoting Chinese path to modernization.

We should actively give back to society and assist local economic development. Continue to make every effort to build a community with a shared future of "deep integration and integrated development" for enterprises and regions, consciously assume the main responsibility of the industrial chain, and cooperate extensively and deeply with local governments in areas such as industrial coordination, product trade, asset revitalization, and industry research exchange. Explore new mechanisms of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, government enterprise cooperation, and efficient supply", and provide steel support for the high-quality development of regional industries.

We must deeply cultivate people's well-being and solidly carry out practical tasks that benefit the people. The company adheres to the principle of putting people first, vigorously carries out harmonious navigation assistance projects internally, and regularly carries out volunteer services such as student assistance, love and respect for the elderly, and voluntary blood donation. The integrated heating project in the Taoluo area has been launched, expanding the company's low-quality energy utilization channels and the scope of local warming and benefiting farmers. Adhere to the principles of "compliance with the law, doing our best, and acting within our capabilities", consciously guide and organize employees, based on their local areas, to carry out planned, targeted, and sustainable volunteer service activities in areas such as rural revitalization, poverty alleviation, helping the elderly and children, voluntary blood donation, environmental protection, and emergency rescue, and make positive contributions to ensuring and improving people's livelihoods.

We need to strengthen landscape construction and enrich industrial tourism resources. We should take the creation of 3A scenic spots as an opportunity to further enrich tourism resources and strive to create a characteristic brand of industrial tourism demonstration scenic spots. In order to assist the high-quality economic construction, high ecological environment value, and high social development efficiency of Rizhao City, we should demonstrate the company's "steel" sentiment and "hard core" responsibility.

At the meeting, we collectively watched videos such as "Drawing a New Picture of Village Beauties and Common Prosperity in the Twenty Years of the Implementation of the" Ten Million Project "and" Inheriting and Practicing the "Pujiang Experience" for Visiting and Answering Concerns for the People ".

Seven comrades will give speeches around the theme of this study, combining the learned content and practical work. This reading class conducts research through centralized learning, personal self-study, and discussion and exchange.