Striving for Gold and Silver on the Electric Circuit



Madame Luxury Fragrance and My Surname Shi

A group of passionate fans such as' I Can't Love You Endless'

BGM Explosion by the West Lake in Autumn

The 'Champion Moment' of the Asian Games

Dynamic notes sweep through the heart

Although the competition has ended

But at the energy and power plant

Power maintenance operation area

Improving people also use hard work and sweat to

Innovative thinking competes for gold and silver in the "electrical arena"

Bringing up the 'Gold Medal Rhythm'

The sound of "electricity" is full, and the "three line spectrum"

Good songs paired with immortal lyrics, immortal lyrics paired with wonderful songs

When many people are still immersed in

Wumeng Mountain is connected to the outer mountains, and the moonlight sprinkles on the Xiangshui Beach

When it comes to the "Luxury Fragrance Divine Comedy"

Zheng Zhigang, Monitor of Electric Maintenance Fourth Class

We have created an exclusive "Power Song"

I am just an electrical inspector, and I don't know much about the music of qin, se, and chords, "said the simple Zheng Zhigang.

Don't listen to him, Master Zheng is a 'composer' in the substation. If you don't believe me, take a look

Following the direction of colleague Gao Wenyi's finger

110kV Steelmaking 2 # Substation

The connection of the aluminum busbar of the reactive power compensation device has been

Replacement of "yellow, green, and red" three-phase high-voltage cables

Previously, the branch of the ceramic valve reactor in this station was connected in series by aluminum transition bars from the isolation switch to the magnetic control reactor through the current transformer. Long term exposure to the seaside with high air humidity and salinity, such as "wind and rain" and "outdoor camping", leads to severe corrosion of the connecting row, resulting in excessive grounding resistance and a sudden increase in equipment operating temperature. Why bother with the old brain and insist on using connecting bars? It's great to have copper core cables with lower conductivity now! "Inspired by Zheng Zhigang's innovation, team colleagues worked together to complete the replacement of the aluminum bars.

Nowadays, cables sealed with heat shrink sleeves have successfully replaced easily corroded aluminum transition bars. The cables in three colors of "yellow, green, and red" are neatly arranged and connected in place, much like the music "staff". A melody with full rhythm cannot be separated from a good score, and the surging current continuously sends Zheng Zhigang's "three line score" to the steelmaking production line 24 hours a day.

Low key luxury "subwoofer"

Good music requires good equipment

Wearing headphones is not as practical as a subwoofer

In the protection laboratory

Equipment inspector Chen Yamin is currently repairing a "mini subwoofer"

Don't underestimate the small blue current transformer in front of you

Its small body can serve as a small "transformer"

The amplification and reduction of current signals are all related to it

This "mini subwoofer" comes from the integrated circuit board of the comprehensive measurement and control device in the 110kV sintering substation. During daily inspection, Chen Yamin found that there was no current display on the "Line B Phase" panel of the device. "It must be handled quickly, otherwise it is very easy to cause high-voltage line protection malfunction and affect production electricity consumption

A small problem doesn't require big action, and the overall replacement is too wasteful. "By using the maintenance power outage gap, he dismantled the device's central control panel, and after a series of" force outputs ", the fault was locked in the micro current transformer on the current sampling module. He found the original components of the same model and carried out the maintenance by retaining the original system program. He completed the replacement of the breakdown transformer by dividing it into two by three.

After maintenance is completed, it is tested and verified

Current signal display returns to normal

Not only does it prevent the entire measurement and control device from returning to the factory for maintenance

It also significantly improves the accuracy of high-voltage line protection measurement

Provide reliable guarantee for safe production electricity consumption