Win the battle of turning over in the fourth quarter of the decisive battle, the horn blows, and the whole army launches an attack!


Win the turnaround battle in the fourth quarter of the decisive battle

The horn has sounded

Cadres and employees

Show a decisive spirit

Seize every day and do everything well

Maintain a high spirited posture, running posture, and fighting posture

Gather your strength and charge forward

With unwavering determination and drive

Adhere to the "basic line" of annual operating indicators

Promote the group company to cross the "survival line" as soon as possible

Resolutely win this game

Survival and defense battles that cannot be afford or lost

Faced with the severe situation, the coking operation area has carried out a large-scale discussion activity of "liberating the mind, strengthening confidence, and daring to take responsibility and take action", changing the style of work, strengthening confidence, and consolidating the joint efforts to overcome difficulties, ultimately increasing production, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Focusing on key production indicators such as gas consumption and single hole coal loading in the operation area, we will carry out labor competition activities to improve the indicators, decompose the indicators into teams, improve the "one person, one table" horse racing mechanism, implement the indicators to individuals, and truly achieve the "responsibility responsibility responsibility responsibility to individuals to work". Adhere to problem oriented approach, focus on the difficulties and obstacles in improving indicators, and party members and cadres take the lead in carrying out various forms of efficiency creation activities such as topic recognition and problem-solving. Seek breakthroughs through innovation, overcome difficulties with the spirit of "nailing", and seek change through breaking the situation.

Faced with the current severe situation, we need to further strengthen our belief in "being able to win", fulfill our own and team's commitments, gather strong motivation to overcome difficulties, work and start businesses, create a passionate atmosphere in the work area, demonstrate a decisive spirit when facing each work task, and further tap potential and reduce consumption while ensuring the completion of the company's task goals, and do a good job in self-improvement and technical research. Through three quarters of continuous efforts, the gas purification operation area has successfully completed multiple engineering and production tasks such as the "Crude Benzene Heat Source Replacement Project", "Crude Benzene Tower Maintenance Project", and "Ammonia Steam Acid Gas Transformation Project". In the final quarter, we will devote ourselves to our work with more enthusiasm and a more responsible attitude, and resolutely win the battle of survival and defense that cannot be afford or lost. We will make a decisive decision in the fourth quarter Win the turnaround battle and hand in an excellent "answer sheet" with outstanding results

The fourth quarter is the "closing battle" of the Security Bureau. As the unit responsible for the unloading and supply of bulk raw materials for the company, we will continue to optimize the "pipe belt+spot" feeding organization according to the production organization characteristics of the "three inputs and eight outputs" in the operating area, focus on the deviation of SiO2 standards for mixed materials, and continuously improve the "five good and six stable" operating policy. At the same time, we will focus on production difficulties and promote the three-in-one "unveiling and leading" project of selecting topics, leading problems, and solving problems for key party members. Secondly, adhering to the concept of "grasping the site and improving performance", we will accelerate the implementation of the "batching room ore tank" project, establish a "daily, weekly, and quarterly" four level management system, and make the on-site appearance "beautiful".

All cadres and employees have a clear understanding of the situation, actively seek change, focus on key KPI indicator projects, ensure stable and standardized operation in the operation area, strengthen on-site inspection, ensure the self opening rate of the ladle, average life of the slag line, and accuracy of waste steel allocation, deeply explore cost reduction and improvement points, and achieve the annual set goals. In response to adverse factors such as severe overspending of gas consumption during furnace maintenance and significant fluctuations in the number of online steel ladles, strict coordination between cold and hot repairs has been implemented to comprehensively control the daily baking of steel ladles, ensuring that gas consumption meets the goal of 0.088GJ/t, forming a good atmosphere of unity among the masses and equal desires, and making outstanding contributions to the company's "ultimate production increase, cost reduction, and efficiency increase".

Stable equipment ensures stable production, and ensuring stable and smooth operation of equipment ensures cost. We will make every effort to identify hidden dangers, carry out rectification, carry out fault source identification, solidly promote equipment inspection, regular repair and defect elimination operations, eliminate faults in their embryonic state, and comprehensively reduce equipment failure time and maintenance costs. According to the principles of scientificity, rationality, and planning, we adhere to daily statistics, weekly analysis, and monthly summary to achieve precise control of maintenance costs, improve the accuracy of spare parts planning and the amount of repair and waste, and comprehensively reduce spare parts inventory consumption. Adhere to the principle of "being able to use without getting new, and being able to repair without giving up", mobilize all employees in the factory to participate in the work of repairing old and recycling waste, maximize the space for equipment cost reduction, and contribute to the company's victory in the "decisive fourth quarter, winning the turnaround battle".

In order to adapt to the significant increase in variety ratio, the work area will aim to achieve stable and efficient production line operation, strengthen measures, improve standards, and tighten indicators. We will carry out production improvement activities in key links such as shortening the cold material in furnace time, reducing process failures, and improving rolling rhythm, further improving the quality of heating furnace steel burning, production line stability, and reducing rolling gap time, in order to fully improve equipment operation rate, At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the control of key indicators such as yield and energy consumption in the work area, fully improve the positive incentive effect of "one person, one table", adopt a mechanism of daily notification, weekly scheduling, and monthly summary, use lean tools, strengthen benchmarking, deeply explore shortcomings, and make new breakthroughs in independent improvement, standardized operation, process optimization, and equipment stability improvement, striving to reach a new level of indicators.

Taking the opportunity of the company's "Emancipating the Mind, Strengthening Confidence, and Being Brave to Take Action" full staff discussion activity, we organized galvanized all staff to deeply learn, fill in shortcomings, forge strengths, and fill in gaps. We will firmly adhere to the bottom line of safety production, use the "one person, one table" baton well, align indicators with the most important areas such as bottlenecks and obstacles, add urgent, difficult, and critical task targets in real time, and accelerate the supervision and implementation of key links and areas that affect production. Establish a combat team for the fourth quarter to resolutely tackle the hard bones such as scratches, scratches, and high-strength IF edge leakage plating defects that currently restrict the production of thick gauge galvanized products, achieve stability and victory, gradually improve on-site production quality and output, and strive to achieve the goal of an annual output of 453000 tons.

Focusing on the arduous task of increasing the production capacity of the acid rolling production line by 20% and the monthly production capacity of the acid washing production line by 60000 tons, the acid rolling operation area focuses on issues such as safety production, process quality, and equipment maintenance, and is problem oriented. With "eyes inward and palms downward", the problem is deeply studied and improved. The "Action Plan for Improving the Production Capacity of the Acid Rolling Unit" is formulated, and 6 major projects, 20 sub projects, internal projects for increasing production capacity, and 12 collaborative projects are introduced, Resolutely break through the bottleneck of acid rolling production and overcome the problem of restricting acid washing production capacity. Carry forward the spirit of "sponge", continuously absorb and enhance innovation skills, leverage the strong driving force of independent improvement, and use the "one person, one table" performance horse racing mechanism as a means to compact management responsibilities, stimulate the fighting spirit of all staff, and launch the strongest charge to win the annual task goals in the fourth quarter.

The thick plate hot rolling operation area adheres to the leadership of party building, strengthens extreme thinking, firmly grasps the main line of "improving efficiency, strengthening performance, adjusting structure, and optimizing indicators", continuously deepens work such as benchmarking and finding differences, tackling difficult problems, and innovating positions, fully improves machine efficiency, fully reduces the cost of per ton plate, and strives to win the fourth quarter cost reduction and efficiency increase battle. One is to maximize production efficiency. The heating system shall be adjusted in advance according to the hot and cold materials and the shape of the stock to ensure that the billet is fully burned and the roughing mill passes are optimized and safe. The average passes of 250 mm section billet are reduced from 9 to 7, and the rolling passes of 300 mm section billet are stabilized at 9, so as to fully improve the rolling rhythm. The second is to minimize production costs. By optimizing billet design, adjusting benchmarks based on realistic data, and strengthening process innovation, we continuously tap into the potential for improving yield. Continuously improve the efficient and low-cost operation model to reduce gas and electricity consumption, and limit control to reduce energy consumption. According to the steel grade and specification process requirements, through performance margin analysis, reduce the discharge temperature and reduce oxidation burning loss; On the premise of ensuring stable performance, based on the increment of ultra long boards. The third is to optimize the variety structure to the extreme. Create advantageous products in the production line, continue to consolidate the competitive advantages of leading varieties such as oil tanks, high-strength, and wear-resistant, accelerate the development and certification of high-end products, and focus on creating low-cost advantages of high-end varieties characterized by high strength, high surface, large thickness, and narrow tolerance. Further expand the variety and specifications of online quenching, and strengthen production organization. Quickly promote the construction of 9Ni steel supporting facilities and sites such as grinding machines and billet turning machines. Promote the market of TMCP high-strength steel and form a batch of actual orders for delivery in the fourth quarter.

We examine the various costs of the heat treatment process and carry out refined management. Find opportunities to reduce production and operational costs, optimize production processes, improve equipment utilization, and allocate human resources in a reasonable manner to tap into potential and avoid unnecessary waste. Improve production efficiency and capacity utilization by optimizing production plans and processes. Reasonably arrange production tasks, ensure smooth operation of the production line, and avoid resource waste and downtime. By innovating heat treatment technology, upgrading products, and improving services, we aim to increase the added value of our products and enhance their competitiveness. Serve customer needs, continuously adjust product structure and launch innovative products according to market changes. Conduct market monitoring, understand industry trends and competitors, and develop corresponding marketing strategies. Strengthen communication and cooperation with customers, provide personalized solutions, and increase sales. Implement communication and training with employees to enhance their sense of belonging and mission. Stimulate employees' creativity and enthusiasm through incentive assessment, face difficulties together, and find solutions to problems. Pay attention to market changes and industry trends, and seek new growth points and development opportunities for products. Such as exploring new market areas, expanding new customer groups, and launching new products or services. Enhance competitive awareness and team collaboration, encourage employees to have competitive awareness, and enhance team collaboration capabilities. Through the wisdom and cooperation of the team, we can jointly address challenges and meet market changes.

I want to lead the team to actively exert their subjective initiative, strengthen safety responsibility supervision, and implement various safety production work with a high sense of political responsibility to ensure the success of the turnaround battle. Solidly carry out realistic work on homework behavior, covering all homework activities, homework links, and homework content, achieving 100% coverage, focusing on observing behavior in aspects such as whether the homework plan meets the requirements, whether the tools and instruments are reasonable, whether the personnel positions are reasonable, and whether the homework platform meets the requirements; Establish a safety skills instructor library, and timely carry out safety education and training tailored to the position and type of work through various forms such as accident warning case analysis, on-site operation behavior observation, and on-site simulation of job operation procedures. Improve the safety skills and awareness of employees in the position, and strengthen personalized and targeted safety education and training; As safety management personnel, we should pay more attention to on-site hazard investigation and management, ensure the safe operation of equipment and facilities, strengthen the control of safety measures such as on-site safety protection and interlocking of equipment and facilities, strengthen the safety operation inspection of special equipment, timely eliminate accident hazards, and effectively carry out "closed-loop management" work.

The Cold Rolling Product Research Institute has a firm confidence in winning, adheres to improving quality and efficiency, and strives to win the turnaround battle with all its strength. One is to accelerate the trial production and development of new products. Accelerate the trial production and development of new products such as ordinary cold 980MPa grade dual phase steel and galvanized 780DHD+Z, combine orders, improve performance and production process stability, and ensure that the physical quality (including physical properties and surface quality) meets the needs of target customers. The second is to continuously improve the physical quality of products, enhance their market competitiveness and user satisfaction. For high-end automotive steel products such as 780DP, 980MS, 1180MS, 590DHD+Z, we will strengthen process tracking, continuously optimize process parameters, comprehensively improve product performance, surface quality, and production process stability to meet the diverse needs of users. The third is to strengthen the collaboration between the production, sales, and research teams. For successfully developed products such as 780DP, HC500LA, 1180MS, and HC460LAD+Z, production, sales, and research will jointly visit customers to expand market promotion, strive to optimize processes and improve product quality in actual delivery, strengthen collaboration between production, sales, and research, strengthen user demand identification, and improve the compliance rate of non direct supply products.

The R&D team of medium and thick plate products will definitely sail with the company through difficulties and steadfastly and quickly promote product development and certification work. Timely establish a 9Ni steel delivery team for the delivery of 9Ni steel orders, carry out QCDVS customized services, and ensure high-quality delivery of 9Ni steel. Quickly promote the research and development certification of 5Ni steel and EH36Z35-W300 high energy welded steel plates, fully coordinate the review progress of the outline certification by relevant classification societies, accelerate the trial production of difficult products based on on-site performance, and timely summarize and optimize the trial production process. Promote the implementation of research and development plans for clean energy steel such as high manganese steel, hydrogen transmission pipeline steel, and high-strength hydropower steel in conjunction with key provincial projects. Carry out customer visits and exchanges on the integration of production, sales, research and application, increase the order share of key products such as acid resistant container steel, acid resistant pipeline steel, and nickel series steel, and provide strong support for the optimization of the company's product structure and improvement of quality and efficiency.

Faced with the current steel situation, the cold rolling and packaging operation area of the Human Resources Reserve Development Center has comprehensively promoted the implementation of the company's "mechanism to increase production, reduce costs, and increase efficiency" work, and has gone deeper and deeper. Encourage cadres and employees to strengthen their confidence and adhere to the unity of learning, thinking, application, and knowledge, belief, and action. One is to improve political stance and firmly adhere to bottom line thinking. Adhere to the bottom line in safety production, quality supervision, lean management, cost reduction and profit increase, process optimization, and other aspects, strengthen safety management, monitor various risk sources such as equipment operation and workshop heating pipelines at any time, carry out relevant emergency drills, strengthen service awareness, efficiently, high-speed, and high-quality packaging of cold rolled products, without backlog or line blockage, and ensure assistance in high-speed shipment of cold rolled products; The second is to strengthen innovation and improvement, combined with the actual situation of the cold rolling packaging line, to optimize the quality management, process operation, steel coil return rate, equipment supervision and other key indicators of the production process, and continuously improve. Actively provide efficient packaging services for cold-rolled products, maximize benefits, and continuously improve production and efficiency from aspects such as raw material cutting, waste transformation and utilization, waste value exploration, and waste recycling. We will deepen and implement the company's "mechanism based production, cost reduction, and efficiency increase" work philosophy. Thirdly, focus on benchmarking, learn and improve, refer to the packaging technology of advanced domestic cold rolling lines, benchmark horse racing, and continuously expand and improve work quality.

The warehouse operation area is responsible for the supply of steelmaking alloy auxiliary materials and the receipt and delivery of various spare parts and materials. Faced with the turbulent market trend and severe market situation, the operating area continuously strengthens acceptance management, improves employees' ideological awareness, strictly controls the quality of incoming spare parts and materials, and avoids unqualified products from entering the factory; Increase the frequency of packaging material review, weight deduction and sampling inspection, achieve practicality and excellence, avoid the loss of state-owned assets, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for the company; Communicate with the procurement department of the marketing department in a timely manner, reasonably control incoming and unloading materials, and ensure orderly inventory of alloy accessories; Improve the efficiency of alloy auxiliary material supply and ensure timely supply of various steelmaking materials; Establish emergency plans for entry and exit, and delivery, providing solid support for the safe and stable production and operation of each branch.

The command center will seriously carry out the "Strive for the Top and Walk Ahead" comprehensive discussion activity for all staff to liberate their minds and transform their work style, carry out the special action of "checking, improving, and promoting" work style construction, and comprehensively carry out branch construction. Promote the construction of a comprehensive supervision system, strengthen education on party conduct and integrity, enhance the awareness of integrity among all employees, strengthen internal management, accept supervision from all parties, focus on supervising long-term vehicle authorization and secondary review of exit permits, resolutely eliminate the phenomenon of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises", and establish a solid bottom line of integrity. Improve the management level of the command center, strengthen the construction of the staff team, improve the execution ability of employees, resolutely complete all tasks arranged by the center, and comprehensively enhance the image of the command center. Comprehensively deepen the concept of lean management, continuously improve employees' innovation level, and complete self improvement and on-site observation tasks while ensuring quality.