Divide into four and save 100000 yuan~


Add independent overflow pipe to the water seal tank

Self improvement shows remarkable effects

Adding independent overflow pipes to the water seal groove of the heating furnace reduces the overflow of high-temperature furnace gas and ensures the safety of employees. It's really killing two birds with one stone


Geng Guolei, an employee in the hot rolling operation area of the hot rolling plant

Proposed retrofit results for the overflow pipe of the water sealing groove of the heating furnace

Received unanimous praise from everyone

Heating furnace is short of water due to water seal groove

Causing fire leakage and redness in the water seal groove and skirt cover parts

Detection of high-temperature burning of components and melting of circuits at high temperatures

Simultaneously accelerate the deformation and damage of the equipment

On the other hand

Lack of water in the water seal tank causing internal combustion in the furnace

High temperature gas cannot be sealed, and high-temperature furnace gas overflows

Bringing serious safety hazards such as gas poisoning and fire

Geng Guolei discovered through observation

Each heating furnace has 4 water seal groove overflow pipes

Mix with the emptying pipe for drainage along the way

Difficult to detect during spot checks

It's too late to discover the burning red

Once the root cause of the problem is found, start applying the right medicine to the case

Geng Guolei led the team members to

Separate the overflow and discharge pipes of the water seal tank

Realize functional independence

Then install the 4 overflow pipes

Sharing a drainage header

Transformed into 4 independent branches

Separate drainage for each overflow pipe

After renovation

Four water seal tank overflow pipes

Realize separate overflow drainage

Operators are able to visually inspect

See the overflow situation of each water seal tank

Facilitate timely detection of water shortage issues in the water seal tank

Protected the water seal tank and auxiliary testing equipment

Annual savings in spare parts costs

And maintenance costs of over 100000 yuan

Simultaneously solving the problem of high-temperature furnace gas overflow

Eliminated safety hazards of gas ignition and poisoning

Significant improvement effect