Continuously reaching new highs and reaching the best level since production~



Frequent reports of power generation indicators in energy power plants

The factory has achieved a saturated ton of steel power generation of 13.89kWh/t

TRT completed 51.8kWh/t of iron power generation per ton

Creating the best level in nearly 4 years

Waste heat and energy generation (excluding gas power generation)

95.71 million kWh completed

Reaching the best level since production·····

Since the second half of the year

Facing the increasingly severe steel market situation

The factory

Following the company's work philosophy of "maximizing production, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency"

Continuously delving into the situation of extreme cost reduction

New mode of energy and power operation and supply guarantee

Consolidate key measures for "efficient generation of waste heat and energy"

Significantly reduce company electricity expenses

Dry quenching power generation, sintering power generation, saturated steam power generation

TRT power generation continues to maintain high load operation

Maintain leading domestic levels in multiple indicators

"Project potential tapping" allows "surplus energy" to forge "silver"

The factory closely focuses on the company's annual target indicators for production, operation, and energy efficiency improvement, solidly promoting the company level lean management research project "Improving Spontaneous Electricity Project", continuously improving the efficiency of waste heat and energy utilization, increasing self generated electricity, achieving maximum utilization of waste heat and energy value, and creating significant efficiency.

All members of the dry quenching power generation team establish the concept of "everyone must reduce costs", strictly control various process parameters through lean operation, adjust the circulating water flow rate to change the frequency conversion circulating water pump to power frequency operation, and reasonably adjust the number of mechanical fans to operate. These three key measures ensure that the unit operates under the best operating conditions and maximize the power generation.

Director of Power Generation Operation Area Zhu Lin

In September, dry quenching power generation saved about 21 tons of steam extraction per hour, increased dry quenching power generation by about 3.19 million kWh, and created benefits of 2.12 million yuan. Gas power generation increased power generation by 5.92 million kWh and created benefits of 3.93 million yuan by optimizing the combustion method of converter gas

A whole bunch of beautiful indicator numbers

Bringing joy to Zhu Lin, the director of the power generation operation area of the plant

Self improvement gathers surging current

Focusing on the ultimate cost reduction and power generation increase, the power generation process of the plant has strengthened lean thinking and achieved extensive participation from individuals to teams through independent improvement. Gradually, lean management has been fully promoted independently, and the improvement work has been continuously refined and inherited. The dynamic management mechanism of "horse racing" in power generation has also greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees for self improvement.

Zhao Jibing, the chief technician of the power generation operation area, successfully solved the dangerous operation state of the 1 # steam turbine unit that may be shut down due to the lack of backup pumps through independent improvement. The unit can generate power generation benefits of 200000 yuan in one day of normal operation; Employee Zhang Songyan strictly controls the quality and focuses on the problem of declining lubricating oil quality in the main fuel tank of gas power generation. He actively carries out independent improvement to ensure that the lubricating oil grade meets the requirements and is promoted and implemented throughout the entire process, ensuring the stable operation of power generation equipment, with an annual benefit of 320000 yuan.

January September

This process revolves around improving power generation indicators

Collect a total of 889 self improvement projects

9.77 items per capita

Significantly increased compared to the same period last year

Lean Operations Make Equipment Stable

Holding onto the watermelon of 'multi power generation', lean and stable operation of equipment is the first prerequisite. We deeply promote the construction and application of power generation equipment management system, continuously improve equipment coding and inspection and maintenance standards, ensure that daily inspection is controllable, ensure completion rate, and maintain a zero% inspection rate and a 100% completion rate for consecutive months

The factory deeply promotes equipment management and independent maintenance, solidifies equipment foundation management, strengthens preventive maintenance, improves process flow and standards, strictly implements process parameter manuals, solidifies boiler and turbine operating parameters, ensures boiler efficiency and turbine steam consumption reach the design optimal value, and achieves energy efficient utilization.

In September, the power generation process will focus on conducting training based on actual emergency operations and job procedures to improve the emergency operation level of power generation equipment for employees;

Hold a meeting to promote the optimization of power generation equipment inspection benchmarks, continuously supplement and optimize inspection standards, and reasonably set inspection cycles based on the current situation of personnel and equipment to improve inspection performance;

Coordinate professional inspection units to complete precision inspection of key equipment such as saturated power generation pumps

The steady implementation of a series of measures

Relieved the company's second half of the year

Stable operating pressure of equipment brought about by ultimate production increase

For power generation equipment

Ensuring stable and high load operation

Go all out

The fourth quarter of the decisive battle

Winning the Battle of Turnover