The expert group led by the National Enterprise Safety Culture Case Review Committee came to the company for research


October 25th

Former First Level Inspector of the Investigation, Evaluation and Statistics Department of the National Emergency Management Department

Expert of the National Enterprise Safety Culture Case Review Committee

Li Shengsheng and his delegation

Conduct research on the construction of corporate safety culture at the company

Liu Hongbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director, and Trade Union Chairman of the company, accompanied by Liu Yiwei, Director of Safety.

Li Shengsheng affirmed the achievements made in the construction of the company's characteristic safety culture system, which focuses on improving the safety quality of employees, changing their safety concepts as the main line, relying on family oriented safety education and safety quality education, creating a safety culture system as the means, standardizing employee operation behavior as the starting point, building a harmonious unity of human, machine, and environment as the foundation, and achieving the goal of "zero injury and zero accident".

He stated that Rizhao Company has taken positive measures in the essential security transformation of intelligence and informatization, the construction of a system to ensure safety, and the mobilization of safety work enthusiasm among personnel at all levels, achieving good results.

Regarding the next step of work, Li Shengsheng emphasized

Firstly, it is necessary to accurately grasp the direction of safety culture construction and learn more from the safety culture experience and practices of world-class enterprises;

Secondly, it is necessary to further integrate the actual situation of the enterprise, while clarifying the goals of safety culture construction, enrich the construction of safety culture system and spread branches and leaves;

Thirdly, we need to deeply explore the characteristics of various grassroots units in enterprises, further form consensus, and further shape a safety culture system with metallurgical characteristics;

Efforts should be made to create a safety culture system that integrates safety concept culture, safety environment culture, safety system culture, and safety behavior culture, and cultivate a corporate safety culture that integrates knowledge and action.

Liu Hongbo said

The company has taken a series of effective measures in the construction of safety culture system, and has also achieved some results. In order to further enhance the cohesion, guidance, and incentive role of safety culture, we will use the "Guidelines for the Construction of Safety Culture System" as guidance to study more effective measures from the aspects of concept system, institutional system, behavior system, material system, etc. Through the construction of safety culture, Promote the continuous improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Regarding the next step in the construction of a safety culture system,

Liu Hongbo expressed that——

One is to further improve the concept system of safety culture and enhance the safety culture quality of employees.

Based on the work characteristics and actual job positions of metallurgical enterprises, as well as the cultural traditions of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, we continuously improve the connotation and extension of the company's safety culture concept, making the company's safety culture more distinctive and easy to accept, and gathering a broader consensus. At the same time, we will further strengthen the construction of visual culture on site, making the concept of safety culture visible to employees everywhere, constantly reminding them, and integrating it into various tasks, becoming a conscious action of enterprise employees.

The second is to further improve the safety culture system and integrate safety culture into the entire process of enterprise management.

In accordance with the requirements of "dual responsibilities for one position" and "three management and three musts", we will continue to improve the safety production responsibility system for all employees, from horizontal to edge, vertically to the bottom, and fulfill their respective responsibilities. We will implement management plans such as the "Three Stricts and Three Implementations" for safety production and the "Four Unifications" for relevant parties, and effectively improve safety execution.

The third is to further improve the safety culture behavior system and cultivate good safety behavior norms.

Starting from reality and improving the effectiveness of safety training and education, we will continuously explore popular new models of safety education, so as to popularize safety education among all employees. Continuously deepen the observation activities of work behavior, improve safety behavior norms and guidelines, and form a strong constraint mechanism for safety culture. Guide all employees to establish the concept of "safety production, everyone's responsibility", continuously improve the safety culture and technical quality in the production process, and enhance the ability to identify risks and protect skills.

The fourth is to further improve the material system of safety culture and create a good working environment.

We should continue to increase investment in safety, adhere to the principle of promoting safety through technology, solve safety technical problems, strengthen on-site management, actively improve work environment and conditions, establish a scientific early warning and rescue system, strive for the harmony and unity of human, machine, and environment, achieve system defect free, management vulnerability free, and equipment obstacle free, create a good working environment and atmosphere, and provide strong support for safety production work.

After the symposium, Li Shengsheng and his delegation visited the company's exhibition center, intelligent control hall, cold rolling galvanizing production line and galvanizing team activity room, ironmaking blast furnace main control room, Songhuwan Park and other areas for research.

The head of the company's Safety Management Department and Party Committee Propaganda Department accompanied the research.