The company held a collective learning (expansion) meeting and reading class exchange meeting for the theoretical learning center group of the Party Committee


October 25th

The company holds a collective learning session for the Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group

(Expansion) Meeting and Reading Class Exchange Meeting

Centering on the theme of "Carrying Forward the Great Self Revolution of the Party to the End"

Conduct the second centralized learning and exchange seminar

The party and government leaders of the company, Zhang Runsheng, Yang Jinguang, Liu Hongbo, and Qin Libin, as well as the management unit management level 6 and above personnel who participated in the second batch of theme education, participated in the study.

Zhang Runsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the company, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech titled "Accelerating the construction of a world-class enterprise with the spirit of self revolution" around the theme of this reading class, combined with personal learning and work experience.

Zhang Runsheng's Requirements——

One is to enhance political standing and deeply grasp the significant significance and essential requirements of self revolution.

Accurately understand the scientific connotation of self revolution; Fully understand the strategic significance of self revolution; Firmly grasp the practical requirements of state-owned enterprises adhering to self revolution.

The second is to consolidate political responsibility and promote stronger and stronger party building with a self revolutionary spirit.

Continuously deepen the "Party Building Navigation" project, vigorously promote the spirit of self revolution, adhere to keeping up with the times, improve and enhance in combination with the new requirements of Party building and the new reality of enterprise development, and promote new breakthroughs in the "Party Building Navigation" project. Adhering to the clear guidance of focusing on grassroots work, party organization secretaries at all levels should firmly establish the concept of "doing a good job in party building is the greatest political achievement" and effectively serve as the first responsible person. Members of party organizations at all levels should accurately locate their responsibilities, exercise collective leadership power in accordance with the principle of democratic centralism, improve the responsibility system for implementing the requirements of party management and governance, and urge leaders at all levels to grasp and shoulder the responsibilities of managing the party and promoting enterprise development. Strengthen the construction of the cadre team, all party members and cadres should vigorously carry forward the spirit of self revolution, adhere to the determination and courage of using the blade to strike hard, solve problems in mental state, awareness of competition, ability, and other aspects, and firmly adhere to orders, prohibitions, and mission must be achieved.

The third is to maintain political determination and unwaveringly promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party towards in-depth development.

Thoroughly recognize the severe situation of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, persist in the strict tone, measures, and atmosphere for a long time, and carry out the great self revolution of the Party to the end. Adhering to the strict main tone and unwavering determination, Party organizations at all levels should maintain a conscious attitude towards facing problems, and with the resilience and perseverance of grasping the traces of iron and stepping on stones, deepen the construction of Party conduct and clean governance and the fight against corruption, fill institutional shortcomings, plug regulatory loopholes, and build a solid ideological defense line. Discipline inspection commissions at all levels should strengthen discipline enforcement and accountability, continuously release rectification signals, and form a strong deterrent. Leaders and cadres at all levels should carry forward a thorough spirit of self revolution, take the lead in being strict with oneself, take the lead in fulfilling their responsibilities, take the lead in strictly managing their jurisdiction, always maintain the will of steel, strictly abide by iron discipline, advocate for a steel style of work, and maintain the political nature of Communists. Further strengthen the construction of the overall supervision system, and all units should further establish the concept of "focusing on business requires supervision, and managing business requires risk management", always adhere to problem orientation, strengthen internal supervision by identifying problems, promote rectification and ensure reform and development, establish regulations and systems to stabilize the effectiveness of supervision, and promote the deepening and implementation of the "four responsibilities coordination" of internal supervision in the company.

Zhang Runsheng emphasized

Now it is the critical moment for the "decisive battle in the fourth quarter and winning the turnaround battle". All cadres and employees must firmly anchor the goal positioning of "striving for the top, walking ahead", start from the overall situation, closely focus on the ultimate increase in production, improvement in quality, cost reduction and efficiency, and the ultimate expansion of the purchase and sales price difference. Efforts should be made to improve the resilience of enterprise development, and with even higher fighting spirit, full enthusiasm, and vigorous vitality, invest in new practices of high quality development, and resolutely complete the annual goals and tasks, Make greater contributions to building a world-class high-quality board base.

At the meeting, Zhang Runsheng led the study of "On the Self Revolution of the Party", which stated that "we will steadfastly and comprehensively govern the Party with strict discipline, and deeply promote the new great project of Party building in the new era".

Eight comrades gave speeches around the theme of this reading class, combining their learning content and practical work.