What should I do if I win the turnaround battle in the fourth quarter of the decisive battle


Recently, Zhang Runsheng, the Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the company, repeatedly emphasized at various meetings that we must fight for the fourth quarter and win the turnaround battle. The fourth quarter of the decisive battle is the crucial period of the year's closing and closing period to charge and achieve the production and operation goals; Winning the turnaround battle is to change the passive situation, work steadily, catch up, and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development on the premise of stabilizing and improving key processes.

After entering the fourth quarter

Time is becoming increasingly precious and pressure is increasing day by day

The fourth quarter showdown is the closing battle

The fruits of the fourth quarter not only determine the annual production and operation tasks

And it affects the starting momentum of next year


Under the correct guidance and scientific deployment of the company

Each process follows

Carry out work on the work concept of "ultimate increase in production, cost reduction, and efficiency"

Maintain stable and high production in the blast furnace process

The steelmaking process has repeatedly broken daily production records

Extreme production increase in the rolling process

The majority of cadres and employees are in a full mental state

A tenacious will to fight

Excellent practical skills

Conceived collaborative cooperation

Achieved continuous victories in production and operation

The initiative to win the battle is firmly in our hands

The horn has sounded for the decisive battle in the fourth quarter and the victory of the turnaround battle. What should we do?

To strengthen confidence and boost morale,

Give the organization a resounding answer.

When will there be no difficulties? One by one, year by year, year by year. The Chinese nation has been like this for over 5000 years. The key to climbing mountains and overcoming obstacles is to boost confidence

Today's boutique base is the most reason to be confident. Boutique bases have grown from scratch, from strength to strength, and have always grown in combat. The battles of engineering construction, hot trial production, production and effectiveness, and the fight against the epidemic have not deterred us, but have written magnificent and stirring chapters, greatly enhancing confidence, pride, cohesion, and centripetal force.

The fourth quarter is related to the victory or defeat of the entire year's battles. The leaders of each unit, especially the top leaders, should show their roaring momentum, strengthen their confidence, boost morale, and lead their employees to give the organization a resounding answer with practical actions. We, the vast number of employees, should make every effort and twist them into a rope. We should not only eliminate the "noise" that affects morale, but also do our best to play the "harmony". We should not be the "bystander" who is out of touch, and strive to be a solid and capable "soldier". Everyone should row oars and have the same desire, refueling and empowering the development of the enterprise.

Do not seek refuge in important matters, do not shirk responsibility in righteousness,

Maximize job performance.

In the late 1950s, General Sun Jixian, who had led the Red Army to forcibly cross the Dadu River during the Long March, was tasked with the task of building the first missile test range in New China. At that time, people had never seen rockets or missiles. Sun Jixian said, "What if we haven't seen them before? We just don't believe in this evil." After several efforts and hardships, the army finally successfully completed the preparation task as scheduled. Behind the belief in evil lies the courage to innovate, the courage to be the first, and the vigorous and upward momentum. From solving practical problems in work to achieving a great cause of high-quality development, it is definitely not possible without the courage and energy to venture and try.


Our frontline employees

What can be done is

Actively respond to the deployment arrangements of the enterprise

Maintain a good state of daring to charge

Focusing on the main line of "ultimate increase in production, cost reduction, and efficiency" work

Focusing on ultimate production improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement

Structural optimization, cost reduction, etc

Key links to carry out work

As long as we

Integrate various tasks in the position

To the extreme

We will definitely win this turnaround battle

We must dare to innovate and practice our skills diligently,

Reflect value in every improvement.

The problem is a roadblock, a stumbling block, a huge resource, and a potential benefit. At present, all that remains are difficult to chew "bones". How to turn "roadblocks" into "sources of innovation" tests the innovation and improvement ability of every employee.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has attached great importance to the innovation work of all employees, adhering to the work philosophy of "putting efficiency first and emphasizing both quantity and quality", building a wide range of platforms and creating an atmosphere, cultivating a large number of innovative employees who can innovate and improve, and emerging a large number of innovative models such as maker pioneers and improvement experts, forming a large number of innovative and improvement achievements, creating huge benefits for the enterprise.

The innovative energy hidden in the hearts of our employees is infinite. We need to establish a strong sense of ownership, firmly establish the concept of "every improvement is innovation", take the obstacles, difficulties, and pain points in our positions as the direction, topics, and resources for improvement and innovation, constantly stimulate innovation inspiration, find the "source of fire" to solve practical problems, open the window of innovation, pick up the spear of improvement, hit the target of problems, and use small innovation to gather development momentum, promoting the continuous improvement of various key indicators of the enterprise.

The river flows out of Tongguan, but due to Taihua's resistance, the water rushes fiercely

The wind returns to the Three Gorges, and the wind howls due to the separation of Mount Wu

The development of the company is about to embark on a higher and larger platform

look ahead

The boundless Yellow Sea is surging and surging, with thousands of horses galloping forward

Looking forward to the future

Our company's development prospects are full of opportunities and infinite beauty

Current temporary difficulties

Destined to be just a footnote in the grand development process of the boutique base!

The fourth quarter of the decisive battle, winning the turnaround battle

We can definitely cross the hill in front of us

Embrace a better and more brilliant tomorrow!