Warm Sunset, Love Volunteers Come Here~


October 21st

Rizhao Rescue Management and Social Welfare Service Center

Amidst a sea of joyful songs and laughter

The interaction with the elderly on site is from

Volunteers of the Ironmaking Plant

In order to inherit the excellent national spirit and create a warm atmosphere of caring for the elderly who are lonely and widowed, the ironmaking factory trade union actively assumes social responsibility, insists on carrying out various love activities, and assists the public welfare with practical actions. On that day, more than 20 caring volunteers from the factory walked into the Rizhao Rescue Management and Social Welfare Service Center, bringing joy and warmth to the elderly with the true feelings of the ironworkers.

At around 9 o'clock, when the volunteers got off the car carrying large and small gifts, they received a warm welcome from the service center staff. Everyone quickly entered their roles, some responsible for distributing love gifts, and some for cleaning.

Volunteers Wang Xiaolu and Li Ye from the sintering operation area helped an elderly person with mobility difficulties return to their room and tidy up their bed.

Ding Jie, a volunteer in the team operation area, picked up scissors to cut the hair of an old man, and his skilled skills were repeatedly praised by the old man. The accompanying son quietly told everyone that his mother's skills were acquired through her own practice.

At the barber salon, a self written and self performed performance opened the stage for in-depth communication. Wang Xinglong, a volunteer from the Party and Government Office, sang a heartfelt song "Father", which filled the scene with warmth and emotion. Wang Qiang followed closely with the song "Mother" and won cheers. The performance ended in a small choir called "Time Sons", with a majestic and atmospheric melody and the happy laughter and enthusiastic applause of the elderly echoing for a long time.

Among the crowd, Yang Lei, the winner of the National May Day Labor Medal and the director of the first blast furnace operation area, stood out with a pair of children. He occasionally communicated with the elderly around him and encouraged the children to clean the site. As a party member, it is my unshirkable responsibility to pass on the "Great Love" to the best of my ability. Driven by Yang Lei, everyone expressed their intention to continue the activity of donating love and contribute their love to society.

Caring for and caring for the elderly is a shared responsibility of the whole society. The ironmaking factory trade union will continue to strengthen communication with the service center, striving to make it a long-term designated visiting and consoling unit, so that the lonely elderly can experience the warmth of society and convey the love of the "iron smelter" towards the elderly through practical actions.