Protecting mental health, we are taking action~


To deeply promote the company's mental health service work

Cultivate a professional and standardized psychological crisis intervention team

Improve identification, response, and handling

Ability of employees to experience psychological crisis

According to the company's "Soul Harbor"

Employee Mental Health Service Work Plan

October 19-20

Company Union

Conduct the first psychological crisis intervention specialist training

More than 50 members from various units

Employees register to participate

Ding Shuyun, a national second level psychological counselor and senior crisis intervention specialist, was specially invited to give lectures during this training. Teacher Ding focuses on what psychological crisis intervention is, identification and intervention taboos for self harm cases, four practical techniques for crisis intervention, and five magic weapons for crisis intervention. Starting from various cases he has encountered, the language is vivid and thought-provoking.

The teaching content is close to reality

Deep understanding and simple explanation

Easy to understand and master

Sometimes it's the baptism of ice and fire

Sometimes it's a collision of emotion and reason

And carry out interesting classroom interactive games

Targeted response and handling of crisis events

Presented a wonderful lecture

Lecture site

Listen carefully and address your own confusion and concerns with the teaching teacher

Engaged in interactive communication

Through two days of learning and training

Everyone expressed their concern

Deeper understanding of psychological crisis intervention

Improved ability to handle common psychological crisis issues

We will do our best to learn and impart knowledge

Help oneself, help others

Develop life happily, enjoy life, and protect life

Contribute to the harmonious development of the company