Received a funding of 8.37 million yuan and leveraged nearly 130 million yuan in investment... This project is too important



Good news from the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology

Just released

In the list of approved projects for the 2023 Shandong Province Key R&D Plan (Major Science and Technology Innovation Project)


Development and Application of Clean Energy Steel and Key Technologies

The project is prominently listed

Received provincial financial support of 8.37 million yuan

Leveraging the company's R&D investment of nearly 130 million yuan

This is since the company started production

The third breakthrough in achieving major scientific and technological innovation projects in the province

This project

What is the significance of it?

The answer will be revealed to you immediately

The project is of great significance

The "Development and Application of Clean Energy Steel and Key Technologies" project is a key manufacturing technology and product development and promotion application of new materials such as ultra-low temperature nickel series steel and high manganese steel for LNG storage tanks, hydrogen storage containers, hydrogen transmission pipeline steel, and high-strength hydropower steel that meet the needs of the clean energy field under the national "dual carbon" strategic goal.

The implementation of this project will enhance the technological level of industries such as metallurgy and new energy engineering in China, enhance the self-sufficiency of steel for high-end clean energy engineering in China, significantly reduce the manufacturing cost of clean energy engineering projects, and enhance China's international competitiveness in the field of clean energy.

Advanced planning by the company's technology research and development department

Accumulated a large amount of reserves

New processes, technologies, and products

Simultaneously continue to promote the "Five in One" work mechanism

Key domestic universities such as Northeastern University and Beijing University of Science and Technology

And Sinopec, Julong Steel Pipe, etc

Close cooperation with industry leading enterprises

Joint development of technological innovation and new technologies

Implementation and promotion of application

Technology Quality Center, Steelmaking Plant, Medium and Heavy Plate Plant

Operations Management Department, Finance Department, Investment Budget Department

Close collaboration between equipment management department and other relevant units

Developing ultra-low temperature steel nickel series steel and new high manganese steel

Hydrogen storage and transportation steel, hydropower steel, etc

Research and development and trial production of key technologies for clean energy steel

Leading the company's new direction of technological innovation

Since the company was put into operation

The technology research and development department has taken the lead in applying

Multiple provincial key research and development plan projects

Among them, automobile steel, large single weight and extra thick plate

Corrosion resistant marine steel and other varieties

Has been successfully listed as a major technological innovation in the province

Engineering Project and Mount Taishan Industrial Leading Talent Project

Successively obtained

Provincial financial support of over 40 million yuan

Leveraging the company's R&D investment of over 400 million yuan

Implementation of Provincial Key R&D Plan Projects

Powerfully driving the company's technological innovation and development

Promoted the optimization of the company's product structure

Iterative upgrades with new products

Made positive contributions to the high-quality development of the company