Tempering character and changing style... A wonderful "military parade" is taking place on the blast furnace platform


Report to the leader, the training team has assembled and will the performance begin? Please provide instructions

On October 17th, a military training report performance with the theme of "tempering character, changing style, sharpening willpower, quenching and improving" was held on the blast furnace platform of the ironmaking plant.

Surrounding the current severe situation in the steel market

The factory held a great discussion on liberating the mind

Situation and task briefing and other work

Further liberating employees' minds and transforming their work style

Resolute battle in the fourth quarter

The belief in winning the turnaround battle

Starting from October 8th, management and technical personnel above the regional division level of the factory underwent military training in two batches. The factory requires management and technical personnel to consider the ability to achieve production indicators as the first element of performance evaluation, without considering any conditions or reasons, aiming for goals, making rapid changes, fully leveraging personal abilities, and implementing the "strict, true, meticulous, and practical" work style in place.

Military training activities include military appearance, posture, and neat counting

Standing at attention with a rest and crossing

Salute, march, and stand still, etc

Military training made me realize that individual strength is limited, and only team strength is infinite. Zhao Shanyang, the director of the second blast furnace operation area, had a profound impression on this activity. Through this military training activity, he became more aware of the importance of discipline and deepened his understanding of team cooperation.

Wang Chen, an organizer of the Party Committee, stated that during the military training process, she gained the spirit of perseverance, learned not to retreat when facing difficulties, and won the turnaround battle in the fourth quarter. Only through continuous efforts can breakthroughs be achieved.

This military training event is an important measure to convey confidence and encouragement to cadres and employees. Through military training, we aim to enhance the military literacy and comprehensive quality of cadres and employees, enabling us to have the competitiveness to win the turnaround battle, "said Wei Kaiqing, the manager of the ironmaking plant.

The factory

Further mobilize cadres and employees

Firm confidence and enhance fighting spirit

Seize opportunities and rise to challenges

Defend the 'basic line' and cross the 'survival line'

Go all out to fight the fourth quarter and win the turnaround battle