Good news! Received national honors again~



From the China Iron and Steel Industry Association

At the Second and Third Membership Meetings of the Greening Committee

Bringing good news

The company has been awarded the

"National exemplary organization for Metallurgical Greening"

This is a commitment to the company's adherence to practice

The concept of 'green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains'

Firmly follow the path of green and low-carbon development

Recognition and praise for increasing the greening and beautification efforts in the factory area

Established a good corporate image

Guided by the Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Deeply practicing the concept of ecological civilization

Actively responding to national carbon peak and carbon neutrality requirements

Firmly follow the path of green and low-carbon development

According to the garden style factory

National AAAA level industrial tourist attractions and other standard requirements

Based on the principle of "exceeding standards, surpassing urban areas, and integrating into the city"

New heights and new understandings

Committed to building a "resource saving and environmentally friendly" enterprise

Environmental protection investment has reached 8.3 billion yuan

The highest proportion of investment in the same industry in China

Adhere to the principle of "two in one" and deeply promote the "three governance and four modernizations"

Realize ultra-low exhaust emissions, zero discharge of wastewater, and non delivery of solid waste

Strive to become a leader in green development of the national steel industry

at present

The company was rated as

National AAA Industrial Tourism Scenic Area

Shandong First Parent Process Steel Enterprise Environmental Protection Performance A-level Enterprise

National level green factory

National leading water efficiency enterprise

Green development benchmark enterprise in the steel industry